My Personal Chinese Slutty Secretary

In China, many Bosses used to abuse of their power or money to have Personal Sexcretaries.


It was quite commun to see Chinese Bosses with their Sexy assistants.

I will tell you today the story of my Personal Slutty Secretary.

smil harbey

She was a Simple Chinese Girl , with boring life. She was an assistant. and this changed her life

I know that she likes me. I was her boss , western, elagant handsome. And she admit one day to have submission fantasies.

I train her to be my personal Slutty Secretary.  She enjoy that….


She needs to respect a strick dress Code. mini skirt and sexy elegant dress everyday.


Morning she arrive in advance prepare my Desk, and Prepare me and give me positive energy to start my day.


15min later – She finish her first task of the day.


Go back to Work.



Time to Launch,

she buy food and bring to his Boss Office

“Hello Boss;  Your food is ready.”



I ask her to take her skirt & Panties … and to Come.

She follow his order, as usual.


I can start to eat, and relax in the same time.

ask her to pose for me on the chair.


Time to Play with her


and take her


Good girl


She comes back to her office .


Everybody leave 5pm… and she receive an email from her boss.

“URGENT mistake”

She feel scared… she hesitates…

She enter to the office of her boss  , low profil.


“You make a mistake in the invoice … one more mistake ”

“Come on ”


She Repeats many times; ” I am sorry”

“You know the punishment ? ”

“Yes Boss ”

spank office


“did you Deserve to be punish , slut?”

“yes boss”


Asian girls do not like be taken in Ass…


So everytimes she does something wrong… she get her ass fucked


Her ass Roughly fucked


Finish… Time for her to Come back home.


She left her boss office


Finish the work

Her Boss keep her panties… and she come back home.

xiaban finish work

She take metro and through of her Day…

She was wet all the way.  and think about the next day




12 thoughts on “My Personal Chinese Slutty Secretary

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  1. I like the style.
    I am curious about the idea of submission/power exchange with a boss – I want to exchange ideas first with you, and also find a Dominant that is my dom.
    I am studying oversea now, I am Chinese, I am drawn to the idea of being a submissive assistant or secretary for a dominant man – where I do some real work but also follow the bdsm lifestyle under him. I am also open to bondage (interested in outdoor bondage not in China), full service, control and humiliation – not so sure about pain.

    I want to take this seriously for maybe an intern and looking forward to learning more about the lifestyle and new experiences. I have send you few photos, please don’t ask for more immediately… As you can see, I am attractive, with good body shape. Waiting for your reply.


  2. I really enjoy your article, and I also search a “Slutty Secretary”.
    Im a very busy executive in Hong Kong living in a beautiful flat. Im looking for one exceptional young woman who wants to see me and be my pet, my student, my mentee, my project. A girl with a brain and goals in life or who wants to start a business would be ideal. Someone who wants to be pushed to be the best she can be. Must be nonsmoking and smart, no bimbos or door mats. I like to mentor, nurture, and be in charge. Say hi if youre the right one for me.


  3. i am fine and looking for persons to talk about my expereinces as personal slut because i am bored at work. i work as a secretary and now i need to stay in my office reading and responding at some emails and sometimes i need to take some documkents and give them at my boss . on week i am fucked by 3 or 4 or 5 times /week.
    when i came at home from work he wait me with my collar and a pair oh handcuffs and he cuffed my hands in front after that he kiss me slap my face spank my ass and fuck my throat for 1 hour while i begin to drawning he take off my clothes he put me dogyy take out my anal plug and fuck my ass while he spank my ass and rub my pussy and also spank my pusy
    and he cum all over my face while he make me a banana milkshake.


  4. this taken at your office? yeah so she came over to stay and on the third day i had this naughty idea. Jsut because she loves the coffee i make, so i decided to wake up earlier on that morning, and made her a cup of latte.

    As i added the steamed milk in, l fantasized about her naked, whipped out my penis from my boxers and started rubbing. I squeezed a drop of my pre-cum into her coffee, but i thought i might as well add more protein into her latte! so i really ejaculated a load of sperms into her morning drink…. i mixed them up and hoped she won’t notice it. You just dont know how painful my erection was, when i sat next to her on breakfast table, watching her gulp down her coffee… together with my sperms inside… How i wish i could make her give me a blowjob and i will cum hard in her mouth and make her swallow all my thick white cum


  5. There was this fine young mexican man who happen to move in a new town. Like most of mexican who came before him, he was a man who always looking for opportunity to start a new life in USA. The only thing in his mind was ot earn enough money so he can get a living. Eventually he found a job that he’s satisfied with: A dish washing. It offer a decent pay that help him with the living expense. Although, there was something missing in his life. That’s a sex life that he desperately need.~
    One day, he had an encounter with a certain asian beauty when he was out shopping to gather supplies at the mall. He’d give her a friendly greeting, ‘Hola, you know, I haven’t seen you around here before.” He said with a pleasant smile toward this asian beauty, wanting to learn more about her.
    In respond, she would replied in a soft, yet enticing sweet voice, “Why yes, I been living here for most of my life.” Her brown eyes’ gaze met Ken own, making his heart skipping a beat. “I take it that you’re a new person that everyone’s talking about?” Her soft lips curls into a smile.
    “Yes I am. How would you know?” He furrows his eyebrows as he gaze upon this buxom beauty, realizing that his presence had effect on the people within the town. Regardless, the fine young asian girl replied once more, with her sweet voice, “you shouldn’t fret too much, sweetie. A girl have her secrets.” This caused he to roll his eyes, knowing full well that the statement were same as everything else. Nonetheless, he feel there were more to this girl than meeting eyes. Thus, he inquire her if he could have her contact numbers. Of course, she happily oblige and they exchange contact. Little did he know, she was already taken by handsome European man. Then they parted after their exchange. Everyday, he would text this asian beauty, learning a bit about her, and what she enjoy on he rspare time and such. Of course both learned a little about each other. Until she finally asked him to come over at her place as she have drinks and foods setting up at her place.
    Upon arriving at a beautiful house where she reside, ken was wearing a simple clothes, contrary to his work uniform as he wanted to make himself presentable. The door open and asian girl was wearing beautiful pink dress, ushered him into her house. There, they had a dinner together and enjoying each other’s company. Then finally, she came up to him and whispers in his ears. “Why don’t you come to my room?~”
    Ken blushing lightly and nodding his head upon her request as he followed her to her room. It was neat and clean as she motioned him to sit next to her on her own bed, still smiling at hi rather sultry. Placing he rhand over his crotch and gently rubbing his bulge. “Mmmm, you know, there’s a certain charm about you.~ Even if your’e not as handsome as my prince charming, your manliness is incredibly sexy.~”
    Placing his hands upon her chest, rubbing them gently as their head drew closer, their lips pressing against each other while embracing each other. Their kisses gradually deepen and with such pasion that their face glued to each other, their tongue dance with one to another. Moaning escapes from their lips as they were drunk with ecstasy.


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