The Secret Fantasy of this Chinese Girl : White Men

Most Chinese girls have the White Men Fantasy.

The more you go to small cities in China, the less white men you have, and the More Chinese girls dream to have sex with Westerner…

This is probably my craziest Experience … 

When I arrive in China, many Chinese girls would love to have a sexual experience with White Men. Most of feedback of these girls, is that White men are better in bed compare to most of Chinese men.

The Story of a Chinese Girl that Crave for White men

I met a girl, that was crazy about White men.

She was not pretty, not successful, but crazy about White men.

Chinese girl love White men

She met once one German for one night Shoot and every Week end since 2years try to meet White men without success.

She dreams to be Attractive and dream to have a happy sexual life.

She comes to me when I was at a coffee place with direct asking and showing her intention.

Her English was not good, she was not well dress, was not sexy… but I appreciate a brave attitude.

One day later, she came to my place and we have sex… Rough sex, she enjoy that.
I discover that she really love sex, she was Always excited, enjoy rough treatment and wanted to do everything to please me.

Good Potential Slut.

She became a regular lover, pure sex. And after several times, I discover what make her so excited… White men.

it was not really me, it was White men. She want to know a lot of white men, she wants to be fucked by White guys.

She know she was not attractive, and she really was able to do everything to change and realize her dream.

I decide to coach her…

Physical Coach, change her into a Bimbo.

She has no ass, and I ask her to do intensive Ass Training to change her ass Size. She was serious and did training Everyday.

ass trainngass trainng

Change her Look : Fashion Hairstyle, use Make up, give up Glasses for colour eyes contact, lipsstick , cloth wear sexy Dress Short dress, Neckline


Change her attitude : She learn how to control her attitude,and be more sexy , with Pause, Learn how to curve her butt , walk like Model, and move her ass when she walk.


Sexual Coach : I teach her Deepthroat, sucking balls, ass reaming …


Anal Training that is Always difficult to accept for Chinese girls, but she did, and learn how to move and behave during Sex.   sexyass


She was a quick learner, she was smart and was so passionate about that, you knew that she memorize everything and will practice about what you told her.

training blow

Always practicing

training ass

She Became a really Good Slut. She enjoy sex so much and crave for Sperm. She enjoy to serve, and be used to satisfay me…


After several months of Crazy sex …I start to dominate her and explore more and more her limits. She love be dominated, excecute order.


She loved to feel useful , love to feel that she is attractive for white men. She likes to go with me, met my friends, wear Sexy cloth and attract men eyes.


So I come with this idea

Be Shared to White men

I start to introduce her to some friends. She was scared at the beginning … And after she realize the game, that she Always wanted …
I shared her to my white men friends.

the first time, it was at home a friend of me come and start to dominate her in front of him. I abuse of her , give her order, and show to my friend her naked body.



She was shy, that s normal , but she enjoy that a lot and became wet , uncontroling wet sensation.


We fuck her a lot, all the night, she enjoy that feeling so much.



Date with Foreigner

I Start to organize date with friend only for her, without me and she enjoy that a lot.

She likes to surprise men at the Date…

She like to Seduce them, attract their eyes










She was Always pushing the limit to more seductive, with heavy make up and provocant Dress.




Under a coat, she likes to hide Slave Cloth, that she bought on Taobao.


She likes to Show that she does not wear pussy, pushing the men to invite her fast to their Flat.


Using sexual pause


When arrive men Home, try to keep Pressure…




Gangbang parties

So I renew the experience with other friends. And she used to be fucked by 2 or 3 men quite often.



She get used to be fucked like this by guys at my home several times per month.



She enjoys that feeling and cum many times, she was at ease with that and it become a drug for her,


Always beg me for more experiences.

The number of expat in Small cities in China are limited, and bring her to bigger City like Shanghai and every month, we do some gang bang party with her.

She loves that, she became so happy, so proud of be attractive to white men.
She was attractive, she has big curvy ass, a tanned Skin, sexy boobs, heavy make up. Amazing Sucking skills, she make lot of noise during sex, she swallow Sperm with pleasure, she accept anal sex and all kind of Kink without any complain.


It was a perfect sexy slut for most of White men that need to have pleasure. Do not ask for love, or money or Care, just being fucked !


She enjoyed that experience so many times, and you knew with the number of orgasm she get per night that she realize of her secret fantasy.

in the small city (5million of People) she became famous for the small cercle of Expat , 30 maximum… so 10 single men.

After end of June, 8 men leave (was student leave the university) and she became lonely. I see her every Week once, but she wanted to be fucked every day , and enjoy so much the feeling of new men …

And she feel kind of bored for several Week…

From slut to Whore

I propose her to sell her to Western Business men that coming to the city, become a Whore for white men. She knew that you have regular White men usually older that visit the city , leaving in the Western hotel. She hesitate a lot of was not sure of how it works.

So I organize a first meeting with a Business man and her. He was Americain, 45year old and wanted just to have fun with a Chinese girls. He used to paid girls when he went to business trip and after 1h of chatting, she accepted to go to his room and have sex.


She explained me that feeling that she liked. She receive money and she serve this man. She was more active and have to please him.  She enjoy that new feeling of being a whore.
She decided to renew the experience and I make some special announcement of forums with special email and she used to meet a new client per Week.


She was excited to explain to me what she did and how the Customer react.


More of Business men were passive and gentle, and she wanted more agressive Men.

She liked more rough sex, be treated like a slut, basicly how I treat her.

Treat me like a Whore

So I change my accounce with More Agressive words, and tell what she really wish from men.


And as expected , the client become more brutal , more agressive and do as the announce explain, treat her like a slut.


She enjoy that feeling so much. In the same time, I receive quite a lot of money for booking ,and she receive special tips everytimes for her extra services.

At this time, she make 200$ salary for her work and can receive 200$ of Tips per night. So logically, she resign and change her life.

Lifestyle is changing

After get like 3000$ I realize one of her dream, Travel oversea, and she did a trip to Europe in 6countries in Group. She like this first experience, but realize that she wanted a better independant experience, and hope to met local Men for sex.


She wanted to have sex Everyday, and with new men.

More Horny for Dicks

She was becoming more and more slutty, and horny.

She was wearing more and more sexy stuff when meeting clients, buying Tools and know how to make men very hard.

She used to come in the Room of the men, wearing attractive sexy cloth, usually she start by a strip tease,


and let men discover step by step  sextoy in her pussy, anal plug in her ass, she put a gag ball in her mouth , and show fake tatoo writting Treat me like a slut, or abuse of my ass Sir.


She was crazy, and can stimulate men at their maximum, pushing them to cum sometimes 10 times per night.


She knew that the more they cum, the happy they will be and the more tips she will have



She like to bring Tools for her client.

spank Chinese slave

Several times, she came back with strong mark on her ass, but never complain. Always Happy, happy as ever, showing me her Mark.


I used to Spank her, but not very hard. She was not excited to Hard spanking, only soft one can make her horny…

And with that, I discover that she enjoy that from clients.

She keep working on her Ass, and get Bubble butt . She was proud of her ass, and all her client love it.


She keep training hard to satisfay even more her client. And after 2months, she beg me for intense feeling. I use to spank her more, and Fuck her more.
But she wanted Something Extrem, and then I get the idea.


Trip to Thailand

I have seen a job offer in Thailand and then, I decide with the money collected to pay her a trip to Thailand, and make a try in a Sex temple Paradise where all white perverts goes to Fuck Chicks. After speaking with the boss who were thai, I explain the story and he accepted.

She like this idea, and go to this new experience that will change her life.

The Thai Boss welcomed her and Push her to fuck like 5men per days. She worked like hell  during 2weeks with almost no break.

She was Dancing in the evening


And after become a fucktoy with White hungry Customers


And when she was back, she feel happy, and so dirty.

She did not talk much about this experience… except the 10 000$ that she make in 2 weeks.

She get enough of her white Men fantasy… I guess this experience was extrem to her.

Feeling of Crazy, too much, share life with other Whore that have different life ?

I do not know.

It was my last Experience for her

After this, I have plan to leave this city and go to new adventure, letting her alone face to her Destiny.

On purpose I cut the contact with her for a Year…

After One year : she Keep Changing

and visit her once , she was still bimbo, and continue her work/passion of Whore for White men….. She was a Real Bimbo get an obvious Plastic surgery and be Really White Men type.

Chinese Bimbo

After 3years, I see her again, and she was married with Rich White men that was her client.

She seems to be Calm and less hungry

She keep a Good memory of me, the man that Change her Destiny, and realize her secret fantasy, the man that change her from Loser to sexy Bimbo

End of the Story.

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15 thoughts on “The Secret Fantasy of this Chinese Girl : White Men

Add yours

  1. it was true 10 years ago, today, it is different because Chinese men are more rich and more seductive than before
    It is still true today, many Chinese girl dream about foreign boyfriends, and foreign mean Western for most of girl, a white or caucasian(not too much into russian)
    When a girl discover how to seduce western men, I guess she will keep be with them and become more “western” style as many Abc(american born Chinese). They are sexy for western, but not attractive for Asian , too dark, too strong, too agressive maybe or overconfident.


  2. A message to all Chinese Submissive

    Treat your master an all with respect

    Remain close to the Great Spirit of your master

    Show great respect for your fellow beings

    – Work together for the benefit of all humankind

    – Give assistance and kindness wherever needed

    – Do what you know to be right

    – Look after the well-being of mind and body

    – Dedicate a share of your efforts to the greater good

    – Be truthful and honest at all times

    Take full responsibility for your actions


  3. Hi was wondering if there are any white masters interested in filipina fuck meat? i am actively seeking a new master and friends too that i can chat with 🙂
    Based in Philippines

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Filipina fuck meat. tight like Asian but with a great fuck attitude….. love to suck older cock, love to fuck often and everywhere . usually have bigger boobs too


  4. most of Chinese girls dream about Western men , that so true.
    money, good education, romantic and good in bed.
    Competition is become harder now, since many Chinese girls speak english , and less expat in China.
    Chinese girls are really agressive and show their desire with white men.


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