A Spanking addict (Real Story in China)

Today, I will explain you one new Story, “a girl that love spanking”

I met a lady in Shanghai, a Taiwanese Lady. She was in a bar, smiling at me and I start to speak to her. She “was” married, 40 years old and she was sexy…

1h later, we were in a taxi and come back to my home.

When we arrive, she was quite nervous, and I feel that she was little bit strange, and very excited. I grab her ass, and discover a big fat ass under her skirt, and she seems to liked be touched in rough way.

I kiss her in rough way and using 2 hands to press her ass… and she start to moan.


I knew she was sensitive at this part of her body. I take her panties off, and her top, she has small tits for curvy body, and I see a fat curve ass , very round. I force her to turn, and ask to curve her back, to show me her ass. She was ashamed and excited.


I smash her ass, and she start screaming . I put a finger on her pussy and feel it very hot and moist. She was really horny, and like to be treated like that.

I continue to spank her big round ass, and she moan, and enjoy it. I take her on Sofa, and Spank her several times, she enjoy that, and I touch and feel a very hot pussy.

I continue to massage this Ass and say :

“So you like being spanked do you? ”

She replies “YESS!”

“Yes Who?” I Said with strong voice?

She hesitates …

I spank her 20 times stronger and she finally say, “Yes Sir”

spankee 2

She reply “Yes Sir”, without hesitation.

Did you receive any Spanking before ?

She replies “not really”

I spank her 20 times hard, And say “not really Sir”

She says “sorry, not really Sir”

I massage this butt that start to be pink and hot … and feel juice flewing…

I say, are you excited?

She replies “yes Sir”

“you are excited to be spanked ?”

She replies with small voice ” yes sir”

“Good Slut, we will have some good time” and I keep spanking her Ass, left and right moving to her thighs, between her thigh”.

I stop and ask “Do you want me to continue, slut ?”
She hesitates … and she replies ” Yes Sir, mmmhhhh”

I take all her cloth off, and go to search my belt and a wood Brush.

“Did you know that you like being spanked?”

She reply “Yes Sir”

And nobody Spanked you? “just a little bit, Sir”

Would you like to try to being spanked harder, Slut?

She looks down , and hesitate, I repeat my question, and she said “Maybe Sir”.

I take her again into my knee, and let her round curve ass up.

And I start to use Brush to spank her ass, quite softly, the medium

and harder and harder… and I keep hitting her fat pig ass until she says something

spankee china

and stop, I put a finger into her pussy… It is hot and very humid, and I keep spanked her harder, like 20 minutes ..


I pinch her nipple, but she seems not like it. I slap her face sofly but she also do not like it… She just enjoy being Spanked.

spankee baby

So I continue to Spank her, 40 times harder , and her ass start to be red, she start yelling, and I stop, press her hot ass, quite red now.


I start to put a finger into her asshole and ask “did you enjoy anal pleasure slut?”

She replies “no, I do not know sir” and I Put a finger full of juice into her asshole and she get surprise and release … She seems not against that.

“it is the first time for you , Slut?”

She Replies : no Sir

“I can call you Slut? by the way”

“Yes Sir”

“You enjoy that Nickname?”

“Yes Sir”

“Good Slut!” And I put my finger deeper and turn into her asshole, and take it back.

I Take the Belt now, and Spank her Ass, and start slowly, and harder and harder, After, mark were visible on her ass and she scream, and ask to stop.


I massage her fatty butt and her pussy full of hot Juice, and put 2 finger in her cunt, and start to finger it hard, within 2minutes, she Cum… She cum really hard.

cum chinese
She Yell, and shoch for 15 secondes. She was totally out of control for 10 min…

I let her rest little bit, and put her on her Sofa, and Fuck her hard…

I fuck her hard, she enjoy , and when I start to spank her in the same time I fuck, she start to really enjoy, moan, and After keeping abusing of her fat ass…



She cum a second time… I was really excited to meet this kind of Lady… a real Spankee, a spank addict,

see also top fantasy in China


After 2days, she texts me, and ask to have dinner with me…  Just dinner…

I accept and text her a sample message, if you want to be dominated again, come with skirt without panties…  she did not reply.

I arrive on time at the dinner , in a shopping Mall, and wait for like 30min, and she arrives with 30min late, with a skirt. After a gentle Dinner, nothing really kinky, we leave the restaurant and I take her into the escape Stair. I left her skirt, and see that she does not panties, and I smile to her, she close her eyes, feel ashamed.

In this stair (old building), I spank her ass several times, she was kind of scare. I Speak at her hear, and explain to her that she has been late for 30min, and deserve punishment…

She smiles at me…  we went to her home, and when arrive, Take her skirt down and start to punish her, by spanking her big ass. Start soft, then medium… her ass became pink.


I put her on her table, and bond her hand and take a paddle from my bag and start to hit her butt…


then use a small cane


She starts to suffer after 50shots, and making some noise… I give her 5min rest, by putting a small diamond buttplug in her asshole.


And keep workship her ass with my hands… the a belt…


Her thigh was quite open, and I can admire the juice flewing on her thigh… What a wonderful Show, and see her full ass , red flashy.

like this one… (without the purple mark)


I will remimber this moment all my life….

I did not resist and Fuck her at this moment, and I take a lot of pleasure, and give her several orgasms difficult for her to forget…

Spanking Game

We start to meet several times per week, and everytimes, was almost the same… Spanking, and fuck with more intensity and more tools.



I try with her different kinky stuff that I usually do, but nothing really make her excited.


bimbo e,joy fuck china171931

A spanking addicted only

only the spanking… Difficult to imagine, yes I know… but all other stuff was just for fun, do not have special Excitment for humiliation, exhibition, hurting other part, mouth abuse, bondage, pet… I try many things but, she is a Pure spankee. A masochist, enjoy be hurted only on her ass.


and ONLY after spanked, she can Cum … and cum really hard.


I learned after, that she is still married, and have an(expat) husband that do business trip often, and have a child that is independant in university. She has also a good position in a German company…

Problem of Marks, she does not want to have to obvious mark on her ass, so limited the action.


She often do Business trip to her headquarter, and we use to see each other just before she take the plane to Europe.
We meet for hours, in hotel close to Shanghai International Airport usually, and always ask me to go extrem.


She really want to try extrem spanking, extrem hit on her ass, and after spend 2weeks in Germany, come back without any problem.

It was the opportunity for me to really use force, spank her for hours.


Her ass was really really hurted each time, each time harder, and each time she became crazy with such pain.


I used to bond her on the bed, or table or stand, and use rigid paddle, ruler, metal ruler, Whip, wood can, metal can, …


i have bought 30different spanking tool to test…


And She was so resistant, her fat ass was always so Red, her ass was burning…

most of time, the skin get snatched… and she makes me so excited, that I can cum 15-20 times in several hours.


She was just crazy, lose many time her control, fainting… but always ask to continue.


After these session, she take her flight and told me many time, she was so paintful, get lot of problem to seat, and feel wet all day and all night.


She loves that feeling, be hurted make her wet and during 2weeks, she was most of time so horny…  She masturbate herself several times, days in toilet, night alone, sleeping on the front.

She always told me that she never feel so excited in her all life that during these business Trip. The crazy lifestyle of a spankee.

I met one case like this in my all life, and never happen again, just 10% of the intensity I put on her.
I still keep in touch with her, and twice a year, she will add me back on wechat, and ask to meet. She always ask me to not control myself…


After be tortured, she usually delete my Wechat, want to keep her life personal, I respect that.

What did you think of this story? 
Any girl in this situation? Want to contact me to speak about this… try the contact form (i reply)… my profil here

I respect the desire of girls…and understand that most of normal submissive girl only enjoy soft spanking that is also exciting for a Pervert like me.






19 thoughts on “A Spanking addict (Real Story in China)

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  1. I love your Story – really exciting I think you make satisfied her kinky desires and same time can go out to dinner or share a bottle of wine and watch a movie or hold an intelligent conversation.

    Of course you cant guarantee that I wont go after you again. Good girls turn on kinky ways, ALWAYS


  2. difficult to beleive that an asian girl have big ass, and hard to imagine to be loved spanked so hard. but I beleive you, some details you know that it is real.
    can you tell me if your story are real or your imagination?


  3. God Dam Story, make me so horny.
    I am also kind of “slutty”, and also dream to be used, but by nasty, Dominant, white Men! I am not Chinese, “Asian”

    I love especially “nasty” like you, a White elegant Men who will spank me and treat me like the little bad girl that I wish I was!

    I bet you know the type! (smile)

    Contact me back…


  4. Searching to encounter honest decent people, I would like to try be spanked by you once…
    I am not in China, living in Canada.
    I also would like to write DS stories for myself for fun, I will send you some.
    So I am mostly here to gain inspiration for that. I am open to an exchange of emails about kink.


  5. Dominant asian guy here looking for someone to explore taboo experience with
    It can be either online or real life.
    I am down for anything and spanking is my favorite experience.


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