My Adventures with Miss RolePlay (in China)

I will tell you this “cute” Story, it happens in China. I met a girl, Chinese Girl in Shanghai, 33years old, worked in a quite famous big advertising and I get good time with her , I will explain you why and how.

You have to know that basicaly advertising in China is a high pressure industry and people have to manage a lot of pressure from clients.

She has quite good position and get lot of pressure.

I met this girl in a home party in Shanghai, was a desguised home party. I was wearing a policeman desguisment , and like every Chinese People there were shy to wear something special. (By the way, my story is here)

She was little bit drunk, and was talkive and light me on. She was kind of saying that you love policemen and that I was her fantasy. I play the policeman and told her that I can put handcuf on her if she does not collaborate and if she is not kind, can use violence on herm seems to turn her on.

After a while, she was in my flat, still playing the bad girl, teasing the policeman, and I was warning her to not push the limits. She was waiting for my move…

And I start to put handicuff on her, force her to seat, hand behind her back. She seems like it. i was basicly touching her and provock her now, i take her top off, and pressing her nipple, force her to open her leg, and take her pant off…the her panties to her feet and she was naked, prisoneer in front of me and feel weak and excited.

I ask her several indiscret question. how many foreigner she has fucked, or if she like to be naked in front of men… she start to be submissive and kind of enjoy the situation… I touch her pussy and feel a hot and quite wet cunt.

It was our first RP. I keep teasing her, playing with her body, and by force push her on the bed and fuck her like a policeman should fuck a bad girl that need a lesson. She enjoy that feeling and ask for more and more…..

We met her several times per week, with always a Roleplay.

She love to play the role, I guess change her from her real world and plunge us into a special kinky world full of passion and desire

Teacher and Student

The second roleplay was classical, Teacher and Student.

She was wearing a student sexy cloth that I bought for her, and I was the teacher trying to teach something to this bad teenager.

After several spanking, and be humiliated, She sucked me and follow her teacher order, enjoy that a lot.

She was very kinky and open minded.


I put a small plug in her ass, and after several refuse she accept it with some oil, and keep it. She practice deepthroaw and love to have sex, lot of sex.

She was totally in her role, discover sex with old teacher, submissive, shy, trying to refuse but follow orders. Young in her attitude, and sexy mind.

Sexy Maid

the next time, was Maid. I ask her to come in a room hotel, ask her to change and do the maid, So with her sexy cloth, she was cleaning the room when i look at her.

She was really sexy, and play it well… I knew that she loves that … when she poses

She was playing the role perfectly, very polite, quite embarassed when I watch her ass.

Quite confusing when I touch her breast or put a finger in her mouth. She was sorry, when I found dirty dust in the rrom, and punish her by spanking her on my knee.

She enjoy that role much, call me Sir, fit at 100% into her role.

She was really excited when I abuse on her, take her in my arm and start to finger her in the bathroom, and follow with pleasure my next order of cleaning my dick and my body. She suck, lick my legs, my toes, rim my ass, please me as much as she should. She was serving me as her boss, while i was whipping her body in a soft way, with a tawse.


I use to put some oil in her ass and put the plumet in her ass, to humiliate her feather duster

It was a great night, we repeat many times different scene and enjoy much the way she was serving me as a perfect slut maid. I bound her hand and force her to serve me drink, I put a gagball and ask her to clean room with hand blocked. And always finish by fucking her quite rough, taking a lot of pleasure.

was really a lot of fun

Escort and Client

Next game was Escort and client … She join me in a hotel, as escort girl getting paid for her service. She was wearing a super sexy skirt and top, really heavy makeup and some sexy thighs. one more time, she plays the Role at 200%


I pay her some money, and start to strip, and tease me.

She was dancing, moving showing me her sexy body. she has normal breast, and quite slim body, and round small ass, that she move like a professional.

She Suck me long time like a Professional hooker, and make me cum in her mouth, she shallow it, making a show. She delicatly take my suit away and make love to me , she was moving like in the movie, speaking in a sesual way, calling me boss, you are the boss tonight, i will let you feel like a real boss tonight or tonight is time for the boss to relax…

She was perfect, play like a professional actor, she was preparing this for a long to have such level of details.

And She even put oil on her own ass and ask me to fuck her ( she was imagining that maybe that how western hooker does, of course her ass was tight and not ready for that, so I have fuck it in a soft way, and not long time, and finish everytime in her mouth.


I have cummed a lot this night, she make me feel really relax like the boss. I give her also some pleasure, but was more kind of my night (and she never give me back the 2000rmb, she maybe that she deserved it)


Prisoner / Army Game

She was invited to a special Hotel room, and I was in front of her, in army Costume.


She became my prisonner for one night, and I interroge her with a lot of stuff, make her really feel like in an army interrogation of the US catching a Chinese Spy.

I spend like an hour to let her be in the situation, and step by step I take advantage and torture her.

Torture her nipple, slap her face, insult her, take naked photo of her, writte sut with lipstick on her body, scratching her panties, spanking her ass, whipping her body, force her to admit that she is a spy, and to give me her smartphone code.

She enjoy it a lot I guess, and after start to fuck her, she cum fast, and many times , but never give me her smartphone code. When I liberate her in the early morning, she thanks me and leave quite happy.

We play several other game like this together in the room, Master/slave in the middle east, or dog pet and master , the Slut and the Gentleman …

I decide to move to the next Level with her, she seems to be ready.

Role play in public

I ask her to be a Slut in a bar and flirt with some men. She seems quite excited by this idea, so wear flashy black dress with high heel black boots and fishnet.

Her heavy makeup , fake eyesbraw and bloss make her really georgous and Slutty.

When I see her I was really like wow, super sexy.. in the bar, I put a headset and can command her from my mobile.


I ask her to go dance alone sexy in the dance floor, in a middle of a small bar full of old western and chicks(escort). after selevral minutes … I ask her to go to speak to some men, and she went there speak with some men, listen to them, and seeing them watching her legs and her hyper sexy style.

Play the chick

they were little bit drunk and was touchy, i ask her to be tolerant, and she excecute like a Chick tracking her clients.  After a while, i ask her to see me, and in the middle of the bar, I put my hand in her skirt and take her thong, she was very embarassed and freak that somebody see us… I ask her to go playing pool with some guy, she went there, and she know she has to be careful when she play to not showing her pussy when the dress comeup… she was kind of excited to do that, men in this bar was friendly and do not also hesitate to touch her ass, because she says nothing…this make me jealous and exhited.

In Disco …

After a while, we move to another disco for dancing, and I ask her to start to dance alone in the middle, waitig that some men speak to her, and after 20minutes, I ask her to dance more sexy, moving her ask and body… some men arrive and dance around her , and soon these 3foreigners were making a circle around her, she was playing well, i guess feel secure with me and also as usually play the role 100%, they dance with her for a while and I was watching alone in the bar, she know that and sometimes look at me.


Spice the Game

I ask her to see me, and I take her in a private place, put a finger under her dress, and feel that she was horny, I take from my bag, geisha ball, and insert her into her pussy, was easy to enter, and she feel suddently very strange.

I start to call her slut, and ask her to join her friends, she was walking in a strange way, make me really hard. (see whats happen when you call a Chinese girl a slut)

After dance with several men for 1hour, I call her back , I was really exhited, and start to touch her in the party


and bring her back to my flat… 5 secondes after the door close, my dick was in her pussy ultra wet…

We were really excited and it was a great night for both of us.

After this crazy night, I imagine something even more excited…

The KTV girl and Pervert Client

I have 3 friends coming from France and belgium … want to discover China. I organize a special party with them, a KTV with girls.
As you should know, in some KTV in China, you can find Xiaojie, kind of escort girl for the night mainly playing with you…

I went with my friends, and ask her to come… She was with us, in the KTV, wearing sexy black dress, nice make up, black boots.
My friends and us were in the sofa and Xiaojie(GIrls arrive) we choose 4 that seat close to us.

ktv china

And We start to play game, and Drink. She was observing , little bit outside , frustrated.


Each of 4men have one girl that tease you, and force you to drink… and after 45min, everybody start to be drunk. We order new bottle of Whisky and atmosphere starts to be hot.

Everybody start to dance, and have fun. It was more soft touching, soft kiss and sexy dance… and She was looking at me, and I know that she was little bit jealous.
I ask to a friend of me to take care of her, and she was playing with this man, looking at me when she can. After a while, a other friend of me dance with her, and was closer to her, do not hesitate to touch her legs, ass and kiss her…

During this time, I was playing with 2 naughty girls that really enjoy to dance with a Foreigner, and enjoy sexy movement.

After a while, I go to seat close to her, she was in the middle of me and a friend… and we touch her body in the same time, and she start to enjoy this feeling… We kiss her, touch her body, and block her hands from each side. I put my hand into her skirt, caress her panties and feel very hot… I knew she should enjoy that feeling.

After a while, I masturbate her when my friend was groping her breast. and she was moaning in the KTV…  I call her “slut” non stop to her hear, and the more i call her, the more noise she makes…

After a while, I ask my friend to change, and another man was close to her, and touching her… 2 girls were watching us, and other 2 were playing with my 2 friends;

We change, I was having fun with the KTV girl, when my 2 friends were groping her in the middle of the dancefloor or the room.
She was really exciting and look at me with really happy smile…

We came back home, and took her to my room and fuck her really hard this time

I called her Slut, whore, bitch during all the night and she enjoy it much, was cumming hard, making lot of noise… until the next day.

It was a great night and she told me that she really enjoy the feeling and is ready for the next Game.

The GangBang Party

4days later, I send her a text to ask her to come to my home to have a party with my friends.
She knew what I ask her, and it takes her 2h to reply that she comes.

She asked if need to prepare something, and say no, just come after work.

She enter in my living room where we are all sitting on Sofa, I Ask her to drink something and we were talking about different stuff and the party.

It was a relax atmosphere and she feels confortable, and did not know what I want for her.

I ask her to come in my room, and show to her a sexy fishnet full bodystocking.

I look at her, and told her “Today, we will realize one of your fantasy, slut”

“If you want to do that, just wear this, and come with us in the living room”

I let her alone in my room, and went back to the living room… and wait.
after 15min, she show up, wear this super sexy fishnet, with nothing under.


She was Really shy to show her body like this.

We encourage her to come,clap hands, and invite her in the middle of the livingroom.

After a while, we start to touch her, put some music and dance with her, 4men around her.

I start to sracth the fishnet to open the ass, another one do that for her Boobs, and after a while, we open the pussy, and we were touching her everywhere. She did not resist and enjoy that moment.

After 1h hour of foreplay, we start the hostility and fuck her hole together, and do the gangbang that she dreams.

It was the first time for her, and she was enjoying these 4men fucking her everywhere.


Her 3holes were busy for all the night, and she went out around 6am, time for her to come back to her home, take shower and go to work.

She gives me lot of positive feedback from this experience, and explain how excited she was during this night.


After that crazy night, we continue our Roleplay, for several times, and she asked me for even more crazy experience.

It was complicated… we did not talk much and do not want to make her disappointed and going too far.

She know a friend of me, another friend that I know she is ok with him.

The kidnapping

I drive her to a far place in the night… We arrive in a emply oncontruct Building in the night, I take torch , and ask her to wear micro skirt, small Top , no underwear, high socks, and left her there alone in the dark.

“Come back Home Slut,” I yell at her!


I take her bag, her mobile money everything…

She was really surprised and did not expect this at all… I left her alone and leave the building.

I run into my friend cars that was waiting close…
She went out of the building, and was walking in the street alone. The street was empty no home, no car it was midnight.


We drive the car, and stop close to her, we were wearing hool and we kidnap her, gag her, bond her hands and put her in the back of the car.


She was not so terrify and understand the Game.

After a while, we arrive, put her in a big luggage, and take her out to my friend place. We cover her eyes… and bound her in the bed.

She was cold but did not make much noise… We let her wait in the warm room for a while, alone bounded and with eyes cover in the dark.

Then we arrive and touch her, we spank her ass , did not speak … stay misterious even we know she know it was me and did not recognize my friend.

After kinky foreplay, she was ready to be fucked by her 2 kidnappers. We play this game for 5hours, and then liberate her and take her hool out, and she smile and was really happy…

She explained to us that she was really scare, in the building in the street, in the car and when she was waiting into the room… She has the feeling that it was me, but hesitate many times.

it was a good experience also for me, first time I did that

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  1. Hi, I am quite busy with my new main job and a few other jobs. I have met already kinky people out in Shanghai. want chatting with you mainly but if we get on after a while maybe I could meet you 🙂 Id like to try getting spanked or dominated by a slightly older man for real if we got on and trusted each other. Also Things I would like to try: Maid Being Tickled with a feather/ fluffy object Being wedgied Tied up – Schoolgirl Cornertime – Teased Puppy play
    I am not Asian (hope it is possible)


  2. I like your story. I consider myself to be a polite, intelligent, and well-mannered boy who loves being dressed up like a pretty, sexy girl transgendered seems a more appropriate label than simply male. I am a lifestyle fetishist and a versatile submissive who deeply enjoys fetishized soft play in heavy scenes with demanding protocol. Are you interested in my profil WhiteMaster ?


  3. Can you put real fear into a slave? I want to get past the games and into something more exotic, even dangerous. Would you like that?
    (email sent)


  4. two days later still feeeling horny about what i did the previous morning (injecting my sperms into Alexis’ coffee)

    and i snuck into the room she was sleeping in. I went through her bag and guess what i found? a sexy piece of purple panties. I was actually naked because i was home alone, off day that day. And i did something really perveted by sniffing her purple panties, trying to take in all her woman

    it was so fucking erotic my penis was rock hard and pre-cum was oozing out from my dick
    i took a lick at her panties, where her vagina would sit, imagining myself licking her pussy lustily…. when i had another dirty idea, and i..
    put on that panties…. i rubbed my cock through her panties while it was on me, and my pre-cum stained her panties wet
    i took it off and continues to rub my penis, wrapped in her panties, aiming my dick head on where her pussy will be and i leaked a little bit of sperms onto it
    i was pretty satisfied when i thought what will it be when she puts it on…. the stain of my sperms will be in contact directlyy with her vagina ^^


  5. Hello Kris,
    I like your story, let me share you mine.
    (I am a cup) I drive up to the hotel room where me and the prostitute have agreed to meet her name is Kyoko and she my favorite prostitue by far. I always go to her when my wife’s not doing it for me. I’ve gotten Kyono to do all sorts od crazy things for me, I’ve made her take my cock in her ass, I made her pretend to be a puppy and walk around on her hands and knees with a leash and collar. I’ve spanked her fat ass plenty, tied her up and gagged her but tonight we’re doing something comepletely new and different.
    Kyoko opens up the door with a smile, seeing my big dark body greet her. I lean down and we give each other a kiss before she leads me into her room. I bite my lip and grab her ass feeling it through her thin red dress. She grins and turns around to me “Remember what you requested today hmhm” She giggles and points to the floor, for the first time I’m the one getting on their knnes right away. Kyoko smile and lifts up her skirt and pulls her red lacy thong to the side “Come on lick this pussy bog boy.”
    With a grin on my face I make my way on my hands and knees to Kyoko and her nice, spread open legs. her legs are so long and smooth that I can’t help but lay kissing up along her thigh before my wet lips reach her clit.
    She’s wearing some sexy black fishnets along with the bright red lacy thong she’s holding to the side. Kyoko moans feeling my wet warm lips gently wrap around and suck, letting out my tongue to tease her little clit.

    “Ahh ooh yes just like that… just like that” She moans out, throwing her head back as she opens her legs even wider as I let my tongue slip deep into her warm yummy pussy. She feels the thick hair of my beard gently brush between her legs as I contune to lick out her pussy as she stands
    “Let me see your cock while you eat me out~” She moans looking down at me with begging eyes. I smile up at here and unzip my pants, letting her see just how hard my cock has gotten from tasting her pussy. I start to stroke it as I press my mouth and tongue back against her pussy, giving her long licks up and down her snatch, making sure to give her clit a few extra licks and a suck every time my tongue runs by.
    “Yess yess keeping licking my pussy haaa.”She moans again but this time she runs her small fingers along my bald head and then pushes my face into her pussy “Oh yess lick it, lick that whore cunt your dirty cop.”She smile and smother my face against her pussy and then grinds her cunt against my face moaning happily “ooh yeah just like that.”

    After smothering my face with her pussy she finally pushes my head away and lets me breath. I lick my lips and smile back at the horny prostitue, my rock hard black cock still throbbing as I begin to take my shirt off, showing her my toned and muscular upper body.

    Kyoko slips off her panties this time and pulls her dress’s skirt all the way up above her waist, she then reaches her hands back and spreads apart her thick ass to show her cute little pink butthole. “Come one big boy. I want my butthole licked next.* I get a big smile on my face and kiss both her of her ass cheeks “Mmm I’d love to taste your ass baby.”I close my eyes and do as the whore asks sticking my tongue out to tease her little pucker.

    “Oooooh gosh” She squeals when she first feels my wet tongue brush against her tightest hole, I even feel it quiver and clench up a little as I start to lick it more and more. I grip her cheeks and keep her ass spread as I put my tongue to work on her asshole

    Kyoko decides to take control of me again loving the feeling my of wet mouth and tongue. She grab my bald head again and forcing my face depp between her two ass cheeks forcing my tongue and mouth to be pressed against her hole and making her go wild with pleasure. With her other hand she starts to play with her soaking wet pussy and starts moaning “Ohh fuck yeah eating out that asshole is going to make this pussy cum hmmm just keep eating that slutty asshole big boy.” I do as she asks and start fucking


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