Pet Training of a Chinese Girl (True Story)


Today, I will explain to you guys, another story as mention Pet Training with a Chinese Girl.

Chinese Girl really love to be treat as pet, like this feeling, like the domination most of the time. It is a common fantasy.

Dog Pet, Cat Pet (Kitty) mainly.

I have done lot of time, maybe more than 50times, and still enjoy that.

I will explain today the story of Lily.  (Lily is not her real Name)

Description of this Chinese Girl

Lily is a shy Chinese girl, and is submissive. She never has any experience, and as many Chinese girl do not more about Sex, do not watch porn…

BUT she feels that she is excited by different things.

I met her online, (yes online on tantan) Chinese dating App.

After quite short talk, I discover that she is submissive and excited to have a try. As every beginner she crave to try but is scared in the same time.

After several Chat, and identify what she likes, agree to try and meet.

First Session of Pet Training.

I spend couple of hours face to face in dinner, and when we finish we move in an hotel room.

She was dressed in very traditional cloth, shirt, pullover, and large Pants, with unfancy Shoes. She was 25, freshly graduated and have several relationship before “Lovestory” Relationship.

Training Starts

When we arrive in the hotel, I stay to be more dominant, and ask her to take her cloth out, and show me her body.

She feel shy, but excecute, I was seating in the Sofa of the room, and she was standing in front of me , with her underwear.

I take from my bag, a crop, and put the crop on her panties and bra.

She understand that she need to be naked and take everything out, and cover her body with her arm. I ask her after, to call me Sir, and excecute all what I have to say. Nad she reply “Yes Sir”.

her body was slim, and petite, typicate Chinese Body.  Slim body type, very sexy.

I ask her after to put her arm on the floar and position herself as Pet. (Hotel is good because they have carpet)

pet chinese girl

She excecutes

I put a Cat hears on her head, to look like an animal.


I ask her to start to walk on her four, and she excecutes.

She look at me, in the eyes, and should obey to my order.

I ask her to Seat like a puppy, and she does it well.

turn, she turns.

Show me her back, she show me.

move her back, she move.

I take a ball from my ball, and launch it in the room, and she runs to take it back the ball.


Play that several times, and she start to enjoy, after examination of her pussy, start to be humid.

I ask her to scrub herself on my leg, and she did that.

Every times, she make a small mistake , I correct her.



I ask her to meow, and she did it.


I take my dick out of my pants, and ask her to suck. She was licking and sucking my dick, quite embarrased.

She was not expert in Dick sucking, but she was really careful, and focus.

After a while, I ask her to turn, ass up face down, and she show me a ass and hairy pussy. I caress her ass, her pussy, her legs… and put soft slap on her ass.


Then, put a finger in her pussy, juicy and hot. I turn soflty, and play a while.
She moans, and told her to meow to show her excitment.
She meows.

I introduce my dick in her pussy, and  start to fuck like this soft… at the beginning and then harder.

I feel she was excited and horny, and give her the permission to Cum.

I ask her several times to Cum, and after 5min, she Cums and shiver on the floor.


Second Part of the Pet Training

I let her recover a little bit.

After 10min, she stand out in front of me, and search her cloth.

I yell at her that… “the Game is not Over” , and order her to stay on the floor.

She look scared, in front of me, and move on her four .



I search a collar, put around her neck, and put the collar leash to the chair on the table.

slave Chinese

I order her to wait for me her.

Second Round

And I went to take a shower.

I come back naked in front of her, and see her waiting for me on her four, with this collar and leash as good pet.


I take the leash and walk little bit in the room, then in the toilet, and let her walk close to me on her four.

She feels little bit strange yes, and unconfortable yes. But I wanted her to feel like that a pet.  She try to say something and I stop her speaking.

I go back to the room, with my pet, slap her Ass if she does not move enough fast.

I open the TV, seat on Sofa, and ask her to lick my body.


I indicate her the area she needs to lick,

Dick, between thigh, thigh, balls, legs, and feets.


And when I was watching some TV program, she was licking my body.

After a while, I ask her to turn, and put her face on the flour.  Ass up face down.


I touch her pussy, that is wet and hot…

Good, She enjoys that.

I told her she is a good Pet and she seems happy, and smile.

I start to spank sofly her ass, and then medium. She did not say a word and see her small ass because pink.

I put my finger on her asshole, and she starts to say “No No”

I Spank her ass fast… and reply. “are you allowed to speak? SLUT?”

“Are you Allowed to say no? ”

“I know what you are afraid, and I will not hurt your ass today, do you trust me? Hod your head”

She nod her head.


I Take a belt and spank her ass.

“I need to punish you, to let you remimber to not disobey me anyore, do you understand? ”

She nods her hear again.

“I spank her ass with a a belt 10 times, quite hard” and then , take a lubrifiant oil from my back, and start to put sofly in her asshole. She was stressed I know that, i put the oil and insert inside of her asshole, to facilitate any ass penetration.

After a while, she was relaxed and did not feel any paint in finger playing.

I take out from my bag, a Tail bugput



Small model in Silicon, with Fow tail.

I put it inside of her ass, and that’s it. was Done.

I ask her to look at me, and explain to her that she has a Pet Tail, and it does not hurt.

She was kind of ashamed and look happy.


She tries to say some words, and cut everything.

“Are you allowed to speak?” “NO”, I take her hair, pull her hair, and pull her to the Sofa…

And explain to her that, to be a good pet, you need to stop challenging me.

I ask her to put her ass up, and I spank her ass with my hands hard, then use a brush to hit her butt. She was making some noice and know that she was pain. I do it 20 times only, and she was novice and does not enjoy much the Pain.


After that, I pull her hair and ask her if she understand Rules? “She nod her head”.

I take the leash and walk again in the room, and ask her now to move her ass when she walk.


I take the ball again, and launch it, ask her to give me back the ball several times.

Fuck Time

After I put her on the bed, on her four, and fuck her hard.


She was wet, and hot. and enjoy a lot. I fuck her , slap her ass, and pull on the leash, increase the penetration and she feel like dominated.


Her fox tail was moving, creating a new feeling for her.

After 15min, I allow her to Cum, and she did within 2min. After she cums, I give her3min rest, and then fuck her little bit and Finish on her mouth.

I ask her to shallow, she did, was the first time for her.


After this time, i take her in my arm, confort her, give her the “Care Time”.

And we both foresleep.



I had several times play time with her, and with many other girls …

it is not a regular Relationship, just for the fun, usually.

What Happens Usually After 1st training Session?

In other Play, I do new Stuff, create new Game based on her desire and keep trying/exploring new part of her Dark Side.

Pet China girl KinkyPet Asian BDSM





  1. Did you enjoy the story? (give me a comment)
  2. If you want to know about me (it is here)
  3. If you want other stories :



  1. Pictures are Real… Come on NO. there are not real. (I am not stupid)
  2. Did I accept New Girl : Maybe , let’s see
  3. Did I accept Beginner : I use to do yes, but pretty busy. Case by Case
  4. Did i reply to emails question, Yes 2times per week.
  5. Did I accept kinky friends : YES 100% (even on Wechat)



17 thoughts on “Pet Training of a Chinese Girl (True Story)

Add yours

  1. I am very new to this world. I hope to meet someone like you, a really depraved man who like to degrade me, play humiliate young girl. I am 18


  2. I love your story. I have asian origins, single, exploring BDSM. I’ve been on and off this lifestyle for a few years now after my first experiences with an ex-partner. I consider myself a sub. I am not a slave, nor will I ever be one. Just not my set of mind.

    I’m more into the “lighter” kind of play, more into mental oriented domination than pain or whip swinging bullies. I seek a kind and nurturing dom who can also be strict and harsh at times. I’m not really into ageplay and the like, but I guess the term “Daddy Dom” describes quite well what I’m looking for in a Dom, and like Pet training, so exciting.
    contact me Kris, let have a chat.


  3. Hello I have waiting for you long time in here, I m from beijing china. I hope you are interested me and contact me, I want to be a professional slave, I will be here waiting for you to come and like me, if you are interested please contact me


  4. here was a time my asian gf’s sister came to visit us at my home. She is pretty hot, and i have been fantasizing about her for some time.

    she loves coffee, so i make it for her every morning until one particular morning i got really naugghty.
    and i masturbated into her latte, just two drops of my sperms and mix it up. Seeing her drinking it next to me was just…

    “uplifting” for my penis 😉


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