How Chinese Girls Can Find Western Men?

You are a Chinese Girls, and want to date a Western Man… This article is for you.

Lot of Chinese Girls ask me this questions, and I will tell your options to find Western Men and how to seduce them.

I will speak about Alpha Western Men, 10% most attractive one.


PS: I am a Alpha Western Man. Quite Handsome, successful, Tall Strong, and know how to charm girls, specially Chinese Girls (without buying them a flat)


Western Men VS Chinese Ladies

I know, lot of Blog & websites already speak about that… I will speak generally and then going kinky… and into Western Men fantasies…

  1. Most Western Men like Asian Girls

  2. Some Chinese girls have a fantasy of western Men


2 worlds and 2 different Approachs


Chinese girls Western menChinese girls WesternChinese girls Westerner


Source Medium

Almost all of the Chinese girls I talked with said that they love that their Western men enjoy life. They won’t want a partner who lives just to work and make money

Western men that she’s relation,  they have an open minded view of life.

It is for sure the result of a different education, more open or just the fact that they have explored a new Country China.

Chinese girls Western man

some Chinese girls see Western men as a free ticket to an trip or a US passport, but there are gold-diggers anywhere in the world, and forget about that

The truth is Western men are exotic for Chinese Girls

Many foreign guys would like to believe Chinese girls date them because they have a more muscular bodyshape or are bigger Dick

  • BUT It is not true ! 



Western boys showed Chinese girls a new culture, lifestyle and gave a new perspective on the world, relationship

How Chinese Girls Can Find Western Men?


  1. Tinder You can find Men on Tinder (with VPN) . I guess it is the paradise to find westerner for Chinese girls…
  2. Tantan , for the more local Foreigner , possible and it can works
  3. OKcupid : a website for Dating where you can find people…. it also works out…
  4. Badoo etc… why not…
  5. Other forums … why not too
  6. Kinky Sites Fetlife is the best


Tips to Date online

Have a Sexy picture + sexy descriptio+ Sexy other pictures.

What kind of Girls you think Western men will be attracted?

TantanChinese girls Tinder




Face picture


Body Pictures


You have to be attractive, to collect maximum of likes, so later you can choose

Many girls pretend to Be Shy or Naive… IT DOES NOT WORK

Just Be Sexy and Attractive. 

selfi bimbo Chinese


Trick of online dating is the massive Choices…

For most attractive men, they have plemty of women that speak to them.

Engagement is the key with nice message and follow up.

Ask for a meeting is necessary, to have the good/bad feedback



Go where Westerners Go, you can go alone or with one Friends

Tips to go to bar

Wear sexy clothing and be ready to catch western men eyes. When they look at you, just smile and they will come to speak to you.

You think it is too much… Try once. 

party slut chinese

Dance is a sexy way … do not be shy with western men… they are primitive when they are in Disco/Bars , and like outgoing girls


If you really like a man, you can go to speak with him, and ask his WeChat…


Coffee, Restaurant, in the Street

If you like a man, you can speak with him, and tell him your wechat ID, or give to him your name card… and let him decide to contact you back…


If you are Sexy and Elegant… you will get better results… I promice you.



STEP 2  Engagement

After you get first contact, it is not Done.. it Just Start actually

You need to interact and get engagement of this western Men.

  1. If you are Super Sexy, it is easy…
  2. If you are not that Attractive , work on it, and be smart and how how interesting you are

Bimbo China Pic

I encourage you to be Active, and interesting.

  • Active by sending sometimes some updates and asking question
  • Interesting : and avoid Chinese stereotypes

Online is a good way to Keep Contact

  • Be Naugty
  • Send him regular picture
  • Let him know you are attractive
  • Do not be afraid to speak about Sex
  • and tease him

Wish him good night

sexy attitude Chinese


STEP 3 Meeting /Date

After good conversation, you have mutual feeling you can meet face to face and let him manage it…

During the date, be nice, sexy smart pleasant … all stuff that will make you attractive to his eyes and his mind.

Disco China bimbo

Do not be Boring     Be Sexy …



STEP 4 The SEX part

Yes the Sex Part is really important for Western Men… how good is the Sexual connexion between you guys… Do not understimate this Step and do not be Over confident.

most Chinese Girls have Bad Sex Skills and leck of experience, make the sex just So so…

  1. It is not only about receive pleasure girls…. it is about giving too.
  2. It is not just simple Fuck… It is a great Moment for both of you.


Western Men really enjoy Good Sex…


And good sex can mean different thing for Chinese and Westerner

Porn are different, so to get a better idea, you can watch pornhub or Redtube and get a better overview of Sex Difference.


Sex Training … Yes it is a Good idea

  • you think  it is weird… i Know.
  • You think you do not need … I know.

But actually 95% of Chinese Girls should improve their Sex skills …

  1. Blowjob skills
  2. Body control
  3. Wording
  4. Face attitude
  5. Sex Movement
  6. Technics to Stimulate a Man


I will create an article speaking about that…

training blow

If the Sex is not good, you do not have second Chance with Alpha Men. 


Read also :


STEP 5 girlfriend’s life

During this step, you have to show that you are a good girlfriends,and he will sho how good he is and see if you match…

If you feel does not match… do not continue, and search new one

If you enjoy to be with him… you can go further into the relationship and try new Sex Stuff…

Lot of idea and extrem Stuff on this website like ROLE PLAY 


I hope this article help you little bit, if yes comment or share it.


14 thoughts on “How Chinese Girls Can Find Western Men?

Add yours

  1. Mixed White & asian girl. educated, smart and bratty. Mostly looking for latino & white mixed men who know what a good slut needs, but open if you think you can handle this. Innocent face, curvy, girl-next-door type here.
    please for the love of god attempt to use complete sentences when you email me.
    Of course I have kik, but no, we cant chat on there until we meet in person.

    Interested in all kinds of play. Love being a princess, love sensuality, and love being a whore. Mostly I just want to be tied up and used to make daddy happy. Teased and inspected. A bit of embarrassment humiliation (not selfworth)is always fun. Dirty talk, force play. a tiny taste for taboo. yum.


  2. i am a simple girl, been collared for the last 3 years by a wonderful Master.

    Only looking for kinky friends to chat with and learn more about this lifestyle.

    i will not be allowed to real life play without permission of Master first.

    Please don’t take it personally if i do not reply to all the messages i receive here.


  3. I am a Chinese asubmissive, looking to learn more about the bdsm lifestyle.

    What I have been introduced to so far I have loved and can not wait to learn more.

    I have hard limits that I will not to cross, for example children and animals.

    I am in search of something that has the potenial of going to a relationship.

    Anything more you would like to talk with me about I would be happy to discuss.


  4. If you are a Chinese girl who has a group fantasy (in Shanghai) then maybe I can make it happen! Safely and discretely.

    I am an experienced mature Dom who is good at organising group sessions. And I have been making girls group fantasies come true for over 5 years. In fact one of my sessions even got a mentioned last years Channel Sex Party Secrets!

    Currently Im particularly looking for bisexual sub girls who would enjoy helping with another bisexual girls fantasy after she has had her own group fantasy session


  5. asian girl, ready to submit to a great master. you must host, and i will travel to your dungeon for your pleasure.
    give me your wechat


  6. I am searching an handsome,tall,smart western guy living in Shanghai for many years

    I like strict spanking and domestic discipline punishments to me. I am a Chinese woman below the age of 45.
    No other SM stuff,only old fashioned spanking from a stern but caring lady.
    Discretion and respect of limits assured.


  7. How Chinese Girls Can Find Western Men?
    Most of time, they go to some event, going party to disco
    In Shanghai, mind, Bar rouge … these famous disco are full of Chinese girls searching for expats…


  8. when we know that sexy Chinese KOL are more famous than TV star, nothing surprise me in this country.
    I think that a lot of girls should follow your tips… master Kris.


  9. and my last bdsm experience was now 3 days when a friend of mine came at me in visit and he like to spank my ass al the time we go in my pool where i wear yoga cameltoes who were very transparent he took a pair of handcuffs and when he touch my ass and kiss me tied my hands in front while my hands touches his cock he take me to a 0,5m water and there he fucked badly my mouth and tongue he teared my pants and fuck badly and my ass and he cumed on all my face


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