Training of a Chinese Submissive Girl

Today, I am going to share with you a training of a Chinese submissive girl, she was curious want to try, and ask me to give her, her first submissive training.


I receive more and more messages, and the most commun questions are

Do you train beginner submissive girl?

The answer is yes and no.

  • No, if we do not match
  • No because I am really busy
  • no if you are not really a submissive girl


  • Yes if you are open
  • Yes if we take time to really understand what you like and your limit
  • Yes if you are really submissive


Usual question : what you will do to me?

As a good dominant, I need to understand your fantasies your limits before do anything to you.
Submission and domination is a game between 2 person who know each other and trust each other

What is a typical training?

There is no real typical submissive training, because each girls have different fantasies… and limits.
She get excited with some stuff and not with others.

I should understand each submissive desires before to start something.

Do you share pictures?



Let me as you this question : “would you like me to share your pictures to other girls and boys? “

So I do not share other pictures

Negociable? (Chinese girls love to negociatee)

NO WAY (not me)

It is dangerous ?


(or at least not with me )

it is of course not dangerous because it is a training, that’s the beginning and because SM is not dangerous with smart people.

I do not recommand to do it with everybody… of course this can be dangerous.

With somebody experienced it is not dangerous

It is painful?

Usually if you ask me this question, mean you do not like pain, so I do not give pain, or really soft… and next session you can tell me if you want more painful or not.

How it works? How we meet?

We can met in restaurant, bar coffee first, and the in my flat, in your flat , or in hotel…

After in the room, you will start the training… according to what we define before.

No Blood, No scat, no extrem stuff

Of course, soft domination… far away of what you see in movie or in extrem japanese porn.
Should always start with basic stuff and increase intensity step by step.

Do you only focus on Chinese?


Do you only accept Asian?

I prefer asian girls, but not close. It is not a matter of “race”, skin or whatever you call it..

Submission is a matter of attitude.


Can I know your real identity?


I prefer to not say my identidy, and prefer to not know your identity at the beginning…   domination & submission should be play hidden…

How will you train me?

Usually, you want know how it will work.

After enter in the room, you will start to learn basic.

  • How to call me, how to obey me.
  • How to behave
  • Position

After we will start mental domination to prepare yourself

After this we will start game according to your fantasies

Basic Bondage

If you like be bounded, can do basic bondage.

PS I am not a master bondage, so do not expect me to create artistic ropen bondage and pictures.

Pet Training

Many Chinese girls want to have Pet training…

Wear SM accessories

  • Collar
  • Mouth gag
  • Sexy Stocking

Soft SM

  • Nipples Clamps

Pause – ready for spank

Spank with hands or tools

Suck training


Feet licking

(I know many Chinese girls has this kink)

PS : it is not me on the picture…

Train of answering like a good submissive girl

Submissive Chinese Girl


After Sex part of domination

Submissive Chinese Girl

Happy Ending of course

Submissive Chinese suck dick


Here you have your main options 

Other kinks or fantasies are of course possible. 

after discussion 


BDSM, submission domination… whatever you call it is based on

  • mutual communication
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • security
  • Patience


Want to read more :


Want to know more about me?

My Story 


Any questions , comment… it is fully open.

(I appreciate all your comments)

5 thoughts on “Training of a Chinese Submissive Girl

Add yours

  1. in reality, BDSM offers a much more respectful approach to others as a person and not just a sexual object.

    we will talk about submissive but know that role-playing also applies in the opposite direction, a submissive man and the master then designates the dominating female mistress.

    The ultimate goal of domination is not so much to satisfy the master as to push the submissive to reveal herself, by going beyond her taboos and her limits. Dominant / dominated, master / slave… It is above all a role play practiced between consenting adults.

    Getting started with submission and domination cannot be improvised. Some teachers do not hesitate to pass a real psychological questionnaire to discern the mental state and the discernment of the submissive candidate. Indeed, it is not necessarily a question of making the submissive suffer physically, but of inciting her to perform acts which are particularly difficult for her, in order to liberate her sexuality. By forgetting the limits of her modesty, the shame she feels thus increases her physical pleasure.

    No game without contract signed by both parties
    Without necessarily going so far, relations between partners are nevertheless always fixed by a contract, signed by both parties, in which the rules are established (safeword, accepted practices, etc.). The submissive is actually always the mistress of the game. She is the one who sets the limits and the master evolves in the framework that she was kind enough to leave him.

    Before becoming an official submissive, the slave undergoes training at the end of which she then receives, from the hands of her master, her slave collar, a symbol of her status. Now is the time to get down to business. Here are some tips for a successful master-slave relationship.

    For a successful master-slave relationship
    Get in the mood, by sending burning SMS to your submissive, a few hours before the appointment. Insist that she come dressed (or not) according to your wishes … Start with short and soft sessions to put the subject in confidence. For the same reasons, we should avoid being too severe. The first times, settle for small games giving rise to punishment or reward.

    The dominant’s orders must be clear and precise. The submissive must execute them without saying anything unless she is invited to do so. She will herself pass her ties and shackles and will take without hesitation or begrudge the most humiliating positions that will be imposed on her.

    To add to his anxiety and excitement, we can hide the view of the submissive. At any time, the natural openings of the subject will be available to the master who will use it as he pleases.

    Stay respectful and playful!
    The submissive can be questioned at will on the most intimate details of her sexuality without being able to evade the questions. She can be forced to caress or masturbate on demand, even in public, without hiding her pleasure.


  2. Your website is really hot white master.
    my fantasy is this g i want to be your slut / dominated by a pervert! The guy ties me to the bed with his arms crossed to bugger her and cover my pussy with clothes pins. I should suffers and enjoys at the same time, a masochistic slave fully assumed.


  3. my last bdsm expereince was yesterday when at me came in visit a good friend of mine and he wanted to go in my pool 9i have a pool inside of my house in a huge room i wared yesterday a short white tshirt and transaprent yoga pants while i waited him in water he take handcuffs and he came at me he begin to kissme and to biteme easily by my neck andd he cuffed my hands in front he took me in a no deep water who had 0.5m he put at my neck a collar on which was written SLUT and he begin to fuck badly
    my throat for 1 hour after that he teared my yoga pants and fuck my ass in doggy style and in full nelson 1 hours only anal and he cummed on my face and on my tits.
    he fucked me all the day and he also tied me in kitchen and in living room in doggy style he spanked my ass and my tits a lot and he fucked badly my throat and my ass all the day.


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