Online Domination & Submission: the Guide

Hot topic of these days, online Domination & Submission.

Because of quarantaine, people stay at home (safe) and humain have to adapt their consumption to a more online model, and sex is not an exception.


Why would you want an online Domination & Submission relationship?

For me there are 4 big reasons

  1. Because of “quarataine” #corona
  2. Because you live in different area
  3. Can be good to have first trial to see if both like, and to know more each other
  4. For beginner, it can be a first safe place


BDSM quote

The main advantage of online submission for a submissive, it is 100% safe ;


And can give first feeling of being dominated, domination is first mental before being physical.

And after a while, the physical meeting usually is better.

Just for new submissive, do not send picture of you with your face , do not send your real name at the beginning, and do not send your address.


Less feeling

The main desadvantage is leck of feeling for submissive

For dominant, it is complicated to guess the submissive feelings

For Dominant, leck of action limitate the BDSM game, like harder to punish brat online.


Online : learn and practice

A reason is that some people use an online Domination submission relationship to learn more about dominance and submission.

To see if it’s something that might work or not, and the interest for a real-time experience. For young dominant, they can be more confident behind their screen than in reality.

Online submissive can be a place for many girl to practice in 100% being anonymus .

BDSM online learn practice

Mutual trust, feedback, respect and honesty

When it comes to giving order and controlling the life of the submissive, orders can be given in several ways, but always have to trust, feedback, respect and honesty

Trust It takes time to build trust between 2 partners, usually. Better to understand each other fantasyand limits.

I like to ask questions about fantasy, limits, and experiences (good or bad one)

play kinky game online whitemasterinchina

feedback is really important online to understand how each other feel…

Respect the submissive desires and limits, it is a game where the dominant lead and where a good learder should drive her submissive in her fantasy world. The respect of of her desire is the priority of the dominant first. The submissive should show her respect to her dominant online with polite sentence and by calling him by respectful name.

Honnesty : the both part should be honnest with each other and feel be free to explain what they like and dislike to avoid problems.

Dom/sub should be a cerebral connection — the brain is the first sex organ, before the other for girls.


Pictures, webcam , video

Usually it will increase the feeling to have a visual contact for both side. At the beginning, i would recommand to be cautious, and do it later step by step, when trust is there.

Visual proof . submissive can take photos of your completed task and send it by mail to her master.

Sexy stimulation : sexy stimulation can be really effective, specially for a dominant to see her submissive in a sexy outfit, naked or in a specific position.

Webcam, to have an online conference is of course really exciting for both part. The submissive can follow her master order, and feedback is better compare to chat …

exhib Chinese girl


Dirty talking

One of the most exciting part of online dom/sub game, is the dirty talking, and the humiliation that bring to many girls that like that. When it is real, it is complicated to call a girl slut, but when it s online, they are more willing to accept, because it is a private place 1-1, because nobody know that, and because they are safe to cut if they want.



Online training

Usually, dominant can make online training for her submissive , it can be a sensual way to stimulate the domination relationship.

How to train a submissive online?

By teaching your rules, and understand her fantasies… Chatting , sending small task, orders, develop your domination step by step.


Idea & inspiration for your online submission & domination

Master – slave

Here is a very simple game to play when you start to enter the Domination and Submission game.

  • The sub can only obey the instructions. They must do whatever they are told to do. (Of course, these are things that have already been called.)
  • The sub cannot do anything on its own.
  • The submissive cannot speak unless it is spoken to.
  • The slave cannot make eye contact unless the Dom requests it.


yes sir bdsm



A slutty subissive can make show for his dom, and make him horny.  The submissive girl could arrange the room in a way that the Dom would like,  dress in the Dom’s favorite sexy cloth, practice oral sex or allow the Dom to choose exactly what it wants at all times. The sub draws the attention of her dominant or to other men.

sexy photo of submissive asian

Send sexy pictures to her dom, can also be really effective to stimulate the realtionship.

And put a kinky title to picture usually stimulate the master mind.


Punishment is one of the fundamental principles of a Dom / Sub relationship. It’s one of the simplest but most effective ways to take your Dom / Sub relationship up.

In the same way that novice subs can begin to dress a list of ways to demonstrate their dedication, they can also dress lists of forms of punishment that they accept if they go away. Punishment should always has proof.



If the Dom is feeling happy, he has to reward her girl. , they can let their sub know about specific rewards they’ll get if they complete their chores on time and in the proper cloth or accessories etc. For example, the sub might get to have an orgasm, or they might get a present.

happy girl


I hope this little guide for online submission have been useful.

You can contact me for further questions.

Do I practice online domination?

Yes sometimes, but prefer real game.  other question about me here


Please comment, i like encouragement.

If you want, i can share one experience of online domination (1. China online training 2. Slut training  3. slave online relationship  4. coaching of an influencer)




4 thoughts on “Online Domination & Submission: the Guide

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  1. Nice story white master in China.
    This is my story : It´s a very hot summer Day. I was on my room watching some porn and doing some excercise. My parents were out by the weekend so I was alone. Unfortunetly or fortunetly for me my teacher Becca was going to came to my home today. She was veery beautiful and sexy, but I didn´t knew if she could feel some attraction to me but I was decided to at least try somethings with her*
    *After this I take a shower to clean myself and put some shorts and a fit shirt so my muscles look more marked. An hour later you arrive to my house and konced the door I was a bit nervous and excited I see you trhough the window and you were wearing a very sexy dress so I can see your beautiful legs and a bit from your breasts. I came out and open you the door. You were even more beatufiul than before you say hello to me and enter into the house*
    *I offered you a glass of water and you accept I could just imagine while you drink that water being me that glass and see you while you sucked my young cock but…that was just my imagination. After a short time we start the classes. It was kinda boring it was about chemie but I couldn´t concetrate cause your huge breasts and your thick sexy lips. You notice this and giggle a little but didn´t gave it to much importance. I started to sweat a little and try to think on a way so I can seduce you.*
    but is a hard work…after all you´re way older than me and you probalby didn´t feel atracted to a young guy like me. After an hour of classes we ended and you told me that is a bit late and you have a compromise but I told you if you can make me some company for a bit more cause I was alone. You coulnd´t ressist to my sweet and sad face and accept. I asked you if you wanted to maybe watch a movie and you agreed so I told you to go upstairs and pick a movie while I “made some food” for us.
    *In that moment I remember that my mother used to use some pills to dream and I remember exactly where she save them. I prepare some popcorns and two glasses of soda and a “special” for my sweety teacher I put 1 pill in your drink and I went upstairs with the food. You have already pick one for us. It was about a couple and about comedy. Honestly I didn´t care too much about that. anyway this was just a pretext to realise my plans*
    I take a sit and we started to watch the movie. I gave you the soda and we continue watching the movie and I noticed how you started to yawn and close your eyes a little so I knew my plan was going very good. I sit next to you and put your head agains my shoulders and I start to caress your hair. you were to sleepy to noticed it and just fall asleep. In that moment I pick you up and tae you to my parents room and I lie you down on the bed very carfuly


    1. I like your story Vincent… let me share you mine

      i turn up the level on the device and you hear it in the restaurant buzzing.
      you stand up and say to me that i have to follow you.
      i stand up, leave the food there and follow you to the bathroom.
      you couldn’t keep your mouth shut so you start moaning really loud

      i push you against the wall and kiss you passionatly and starts to finger your pussy with the vibrator…*lick lick lick*
      “oh yeah that’s the spot, lick my clit and make me squirt on the bathroom floor”
      i keep licking until you are cumming.
      *lick lick lick*
      and then i pull down my pants and my hard dick pops out
      “fuck yes i want your tight pussy right now”
      after i put my dick in your pussy and start hitting your womb we make so much noise that an employee came in the bathroom to check out what’s happening. she sees us and she is really hot too. we tell her to join us and lock the doors. she locks the door and starts undressing herself.
      we continue our fuck while she is naked masturbating herself next to us. she wants to get wet quick so i finger her pussy with the vibrator while i fuck you hard.
      she starts kissing you and you are massaging her boobs.

      we all get naked and start a threesome
      i keep fucking your hot tight wet pussy while she sits on your face as you lick her clit and put the vibrator in her ass.
      we make so much noise that the guests are leaving the restaurant and the boss asks what’s going on. we ignore him and keep having fun.
      you both are really wet and the waitress squirts all over your face.
      after that she keeps sucking your tits and makes your even hornier
      i turn you around to fuck you doggystyle and start spanking you
      *spank spank spank*
      you start screaming really loud

      while the waitress wants to get my dick in her you keep my dick in your pussy and i fuck you harder and harder.
      later you decide that i can fuck her too.
      i start fucking her against the wall while i carry you on my face.
      your legs on my shoulders and your pussy in my face while you rest against the wall.
      and we finally get to the point where we all are gonna cum.

      you both are laying next to each other and i you are ready to recieve my cum on every part of the body.
      you are waiting and then it’s happening.
      I cum on your entire body
      so much cum it even covers the floor.
      you both are soo full of cum and i start splashing water all over you.

      we stand up get dressed and go outside
      the waitress says this.
      “I QUIT”
      and follows us to your place….

      after about 15 minutes he moan and start to cum in your mouth in this time his wife cuff you to the couch and get up looking at you. we’ll continue this tomorrow bitch she said as she spank your ass and he winks and go up with her. you hear them showering together and after the shower you hear him fuck her, making you jealous and horny waiting for tomorrow so you can have more of his dick


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