Race play story of an asian girl into worship white

Today I will explain today a story of raceplay that I had with my previous partner.

Race play what it is ?

My definition

Race play is a kinky form of Role play between a submissive and a dominant, with mutual respect and sexual desire. via

Second definition : Race Play is an form of role play used by 2 consenting adults that incorporates Racist, hurtful, & derogatory terms and comments regarding the others race, to fulfill and reach sexual pleasure. via

third definition : Race play is when a dominant and submissive take part in BDSM play that involves role play with race. People take on roles of power and submission of different races to create a power dynamic that is historically or contemporarily accurate. via

It is a role play that create a special environement of domination, humiliation and special exitment .

Many Chinese (or Asian) girls have the fantasy to have white boyfriend.
White men have a positive image among Chinese ladies.

And since, 50 shades of Grey more and more girls are curious about submission with a charming dominant foreigner.

role play usually is not extrem … and only in the private bed room.

but some girls really like that idea and get super excited when I practice roleplay.

The beginning Story

I met a Chinese girl that was cute, speak very well english, but really traditional style and come from Yunnan, (a place with few foreigner).

She likes USA culture, movies, and like foreign men.

When I meet her, she told me a bit her fantasies of white domination, being abuse by white men. She often dream to be raped by foreigner and was kind of release to confess this to somebody, because it s taboo in China.

She date once a turkish guys during his business trip, and crave to learn more about foreigners and how we think, how to approach us.

I date , not really date, eat with her in restaurant, and i was really curious.

And i decide to play with her, even I was quite busy with my 2 partners and my 2 companies that need lot of my time and effort.

In this play with this girl there is many step.

Step 1 discovery

I meet her once a week and we play.
I dominate her , she was quite open, submissive and really curious to learn.
She was not very sexy, and not super good at bed, quite clumbsy.

We play a lot , she was really demanding in sex, and love her foreigner.

She follow my orders, sucks , accept anal , doing almost everything but she was not really exciting, she was doing that a bit like a robot without too much feeling.

And then i introduce race play, and she change a lot, because emotionally more involved and it turn her on a lot.

Call her asian Slut , or serve white master these words stimulate her so much.

Many people call the yellow fever, but I know that in Asian the White fever is really there.

We keep playing race play as role play and going more far in the game.

Step 2: race play practice

Be consider as an asian whore, turn her a lot. She like feel degraded and humiliated by a white master.

She really admire white foreigners, and serve her reach her deep secret fantasies.

When we meet, she play the asian cheap whore, the asian cleaning lady, the Asian sex slave, or the asian slut craving for white cock/juice.

The more I humiliate her, the more passionate she become, and the more horny she was, able to cum multi orgasm when the roleplay is well prepare.

  • Sex is 50% phycical and 50% mental
  • Domination is 90% mental

Step 3 going extrem

After playing scenarios, she want more extrem race play feeling.
So try to writte dirty words on her body, when having sex and make fake tatoo that she has all time in her private part.

I treat her like a asian sex slave, and force her to do

Like feet, lick asshole, whip her when I want, fuck her when I want, abuse on her asshole

She likes more and more extrem stuff, and like to lost her mind when we have our session. She enjoy being extremly treated.

Step 4 Share the slut

After being extrem, I told her about the idea to share her to my white friends, and she was really excited about that.

So I share her to a good friend at home, and watch the participate to the slut fuck session. She feel really horny, and was totally out of control when I watch her being fucked roughly by my friend. I insult her when my friend was fucking her in doggy.

She moan, lost her control, and ask my friend to fuck harder the slut, and she … cum several times ….

After seing that, I keep continue experience, and share her to my friends when she was at home. She enjoy so much to be called asian slut hungry for white cocks in front of my friends.

I ask her to show herself naked, or crownling on the floor to see my friends. She was so exciting everytime a white new friend will meet her, and fuck her when I will humiliate her.

even some crazy stuff once

She enjoy suck me when a man fuck her behind… and enjoy to

She never complain and enjoy so much for 3-4 hours. When time passed, she takes her cloth and ask permission to leave, and go back to her place.
Usually I do not heard from her until our next meeting the next week.

Step 5 liberation and freedom

She loves expats, hard for her to get expats. I teach her how to fuck with them freely using Tinder + a VPN.

And ask her to put sexy picture there, to attract men eyes.

She follow my guideline, and everytime she date with a man, she has sex, and tell me everything.

Usually was ONS, no news after, she was 100% happy with that.

She keep texting me now, and hope to see me when I am back in China…

Most of men are not enough dominant and are not into raceplay.

What do you think of raceplay?

Are you into it? against it?

Let me know and share your stories.

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2 thoughts on “Race play story of an asian girl into worship white

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  1. I’m Tony, white guy from EU in Shanghai 🙂 I have a passion for asian girls for 15 years already 😉 Always found them sexy and cute. I also love muf diving and would enjoy making a little asian girl cum from licking her pussylips, sucking on her clit and fingering her. After that I would fuck her sensless and listen to her screams as I penetrate her deep with my big white dick
    I really like also the fact that some are curby;) I’d pinch nipples while I kiss on various places, I think asian have so hot orgasm…


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