Race play story of an asian girl into worship white

Today I will explain today a story of raceplay that I had with my previous partner.

Race play what it is ?

My definition

Race play is a kinky form of Role play between a submissive and a dominant, with mutual respect and sexual desire. via

Second definition : Race Play is an form of role play used by 2 consenting adults that incorporates Racist, hurtful, & derogatory terms and comments regarding the others race, to fulfill and reach sexual pleasure. via

third definition : Race play is when a dominant and submissive take part in BDSM play that involves role play with race. People take on roles of power and submission of different races to create a power dynamic that is historically or contemporarily accurate. via

It is a role play that create a special environement of domination, humiliation and special exitment .

Many Chinese (or Asian) girls have the fantasy to have white boyfriend.
White men have a positive image among Chinese ladies.

And since, 50 shades of Grey more and more girls are curious about submission with a charming dominant foreigner.

role play usually is not extrem … and only in the private bed room.

but some girls really like that idea and get super excited when I practice roleplay.

The beginning Story

I met a Chinese girl that was cute, speak very well english, but really traditional style and come from Yunnan, (a place with few foreigner).

She likes USA culture, movies, and like foreign men.

When I meet her, she told me a bit her fantasies of white domination, being abuse by white men. She often dream to be raped by foreigner and was kind of release to confess this to somebody, because it s taboo in China.

She date once a turkish guys during his business trip, and crave to learn more about foreigners and how we think, how to approach us.

I date , not really date, eat with her in restaurant, and i was really curious.

And i decide to play with her, even I was quite busy with my 2 partners and my 2 companies that need lot of my time and effort.

In this play with this girl there is many step.

Step 1 discovery

I meet her once a week and we play.
I dominate her , she was quite open, submissive and really curious to learn.
She was not very sexy, and not super good at bed, quite clumbsy.

We play a lot , she was really demanding in sex, and love her foreigner.

She follow my orders, sucks , accept anal , doing almost everything but she was not really exciting, she was doing that a bit like a robot without too much feeling.

And then i introduce race play, and she change a lot, because emotionally more involved and it turn her on a lot.

Call her asian Slut , or serve white master these words stimulate her so much.

Many people call the yellow fever, but I know that in Asian the White fever is really there.

We keep playing race play as role play and going more far in the game.

Step 2: race play practice

Be consider as an asian whore, turn her a lot. She like feel degraded and humiliated by a white master.

She really admire white foreigners, and serve her reach her deep secret fantasies.

When we meet, she play the asian cheap whore, the asian cleaning lady, the Asian sex slave, or the asian slut craving for white cock/juice.

The more I humiliate her, the more passionate she become, and the more horny she was, able to cum multi orgasm when the roleplay is well prepare.

  • Sex is 50% phycical and 50% mental
  • Domination is 90% mental

Step 3 going extrem

After playing scenarios, she want more extrem race play feeling.
So try to writte dirty words on her body, when having sex and make fake tatoo that she has all time in her private part.

I treat her like a asian sex slave, and force her to do

Like feet, lick asshole, whip her when I want, fuck her when I want, abuse on her asshole

She likes more and more extrem stuff, and like to lost her mind when we have our session. She enjoy being extremly treated.

Step 4 Share the slut

After being extrem, I told her about the idea to share her to my white friends, and she was really excited about that.

So I share her to a good friend at home, and watch the participate to the slut fuck session. She feel really horny, and was totally out of control when I watch her being fucked roughly by my friend. I insult her when my friend was fucking her in doggy.

She moan, lost her control, and ask my friend to fuck harder the slut, and she … cum several times ….

After seing that, I keep continue experience, and share her to my friends when she was at home. She enjoy so much to be called asian slut hungry for white cocks in front of my friends.

I ask her to show herself naked, or crownling on the floor to see my friends. She was so exciting everytime a white new friend will meet her, and fuck her when I will humiliate her.

even some crazy stuff once

She enjoy suck me when a man fuck her behind… and enjoy to

She never complain and enjoy so much for 3-4 hours. When time passed, she takes her cloth and ask permission to leave, and go back to her place.
Usually I do not heard from her until our next meeting the next week.

Step 5 liberation and freedom

She loves expats, hard for her to get expats. I teach her how to fuck with them freely using Tinder + a VPN.

And ask her to put sexy picture there, to attract men eyes.

She follow my guideline, and everytime she date with a man, she has sex, and tell me everything.

Usually was ONS, no news after, she was 100% happy with that.

She keep texting me now, and hope to see me when I am back in China…

Most of men are not enough dominant and are not into raceplay.

What do you think of raceplay?

Are you into it? against it?

Let me know and share your stories.

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  1. I’m Tony, white guy from EU in Shanghai πŸ™‚ I have a passion for asian girls for 15 years already πŸ˜‰ Always found them sexy and cute. I also love muf diving and would enjoy making a little asian girl cum from licking her pussylips, sucking on her clit and fingering her. After that I would fuck her sensless and listen to her screams as I penetrate her deep with my big white dick
    I really like also the fact that some are curby;) I’d pinch nipples while I kiss on various places, I think asian have so hot orgasm…


      1. Hello Kris, I have share a story with you and your readier. Hope you can like it πŸ™‚

        here goes nothing
        i moved in as new neighbors to you and i am a shy guy so i didn’t interact with you much .
        But i am a little bit pervert i peeked in your room whenever i get a chance and see you taking on the phone playing with yourself.
        Next few days i saw you you were recording yourself (probably web show )
        so i starting looking for you online
        it was so hard to find you online so I decide to sneak into your house when you weren’t there , so i sneak in one day (thought you weren’t home)
        when i entered your room i found out that you where in shower , so at first i decided to find out about web show details but your lappy was locked so i tried to look for password (maybe on a piece of paper), rather i found out was you had a wireless vibrator so i thought of something and took a pic of it
        as i was done taking the pic you were about to leave your shower so i left next couple of days i waited for you to use your vibrator as i had planted something in your house but you seems to be waiting for something to use it it turns out you wanted to use it when you where outside which was so much bonus for me because what i did was switched your vibrator controls with another one so when you where in public place and decide to have fun i decided to have a chat with you a normal one as if i didn’t knew anything and started hav a normal conversation and you felt an uncontrolled urge to leave that place but i wouldn’t let you making some stupid excuse
        well i was horny and you where shaking but you were trying to contol it
        so i decided to stop for a moment then i spoke in your ear what happened and ask for something in return

        it was a boobjob i demanded since i can’t get my eyes of them
        and you said no so i went violent with the vibrator max out
        which made you a emotional and you where about to cry but you agreed on my demands
        now I can’t let you alone as you might take it out so we decided to in somewhere in public corner so I tied my jacked to my waist to make a cover as you where on your knees
        and where about to give be the job almost crying , so i asked for your to give me a smile or else i will shake you down
        and you gave be the job with a smile and i came on your tits which were sticky so you covered them and ran


  2. Hello Kris,
    Second story I read and I really like your style your story.
    It really make effect on me. I guess we (Chinese girls) are kind of secretly attracted by white guys.
    Mayve American movie effect… I do not know.


    1. I think it is because of brainwash. I am a Chinese guy and I almost watch wmaf raceplay every day. I love to imagine having a Chinese wife and share her with white guys. I like white cocks too


  3. Hello,
    I have seen all these sentence, and it is so exciting. I really want to meet you Kris, I am so curious of what you look like. I am not Chinese, I am Asian born in an European country… and after read many stories, I think you are the perfect match for me.


  4. My story for you white dom

    as every girl knows with age come bigger needs and the money she was making as a school whore was simply not enough. and anything she made she had to hid from her father. she started going no night clubs around town to tell herself and find a sponsor. a regular client that has deep pockets and is willing to pay handsomly
    one such place was a little exclusive club near midtown in an alley way. girls were allowed in while guys had to pay. it was an exclusive gentelman club where the identit of the patreon was kept secret.
    in hopes of catching a real big fish the girl dressed up in a red dress and highheels and did her makeup for hours making each lash look perfect. she had to do this at a friends place
    they were colegues as well as friends. many times the girls would go home emptyhaded, but on that night our protagonist luck had changed.
    she caught the attention of a rather tall gentelman with black and gray hair. even though he was in his late 40s he was still in shape and had a cold dangerous stare in his eyes. he first obsereved her then bought her drink and finaly called her to his table. the talk was quick, precise and simple. he wanted her for a week and would pay her a lot of cash, half in a dvance and half once she was done. things moved quickly and her friend covered for her telling her parent she would stay at her place for a while.
    she went into his car, a sleak fancy two seater. he drove her across town to his penthouse.
    it was a smooth, white soulless place lacking any kind of persolisation. decoratd tastefuly with pictures and expensive figurines. they opened a bottle of champagne and sat down, talked for a bit. he was married and this place was kept off the books. it belonged to his friends whoused it to throw wold parties, orgies and rented it out to his friends. he lead her in the master bathromm, a massive room bigger then her entire apartment. she tooka shower and once done a silk robe was put over her shoulder while her eyes were blindfolded. naked apart from the soft robe she was lead by this tall misterios man across the smooth cold floor into another room.
    their she was tied to the wall on a rack like device. clams were placed on her nipples and clit and she was left in that room for half an hour. she had no ide where did he go. when he came back he spoke softly to her touching her cheeks with the back of his hand and giving her the softest of kisses
    he removed the clamps and placed a gag over her mouth. she was already terrified and scared. her hands were going numb,but what was comming next was much worse
    he exmined her and she was trembling and wet, enough to be taken he took her off the rack tied her hands bahind her back and hoisted her up
    he lovered her on a large object with a narrow edge and the edge started rubbing agains her pussy. the more she struggled the more she felt it and the more she neede to move
    then he climbed behind he she felt his massive frame above her and he forced himself into her ass. his dick was very big and thick and if not for the gag
    he took her hard, unlike befor she wasnt an anal virgin but she never had a dick this big. it hurt and their was no pleasure. being ripped apart while her clit was being rubbed by a thin edge.

    he went deep into her ass, balls deep, with each thrust of his powerfull hips whe felt like being split in two
    their was no passion no pleasure, not for her anyway. she could hear him moan as he thrusted into her tight ass and then it stopped just like that
    she ws shaking her muscles were burning
    then with all his forced he whipped her across the ass. the leather whip made a crackling sound and she cried and bit into the ballgag. she was scared of him as the whipping stopped and he approached her face. he took off the blindfold and a bright light pearced her eyes. it took a second for her eyes to adjust and. onc her vision became less blury she saw him. completely naked with rather large muscles ,his chest covered in hair and his dick massive and throbbing
    he removed the gag next and her soft cries filled the room. drulling, and covered in tears she beggd to be released
    he came really cloe to her face, showed n symphaty nor compassion and told her he cant do that he already played
    she offered to give the money back but it wasnt going to work.
    he did untie her from the wooden hours and put a collar round her neck with a chain. she wasnt allowed to walk but had to crawl on all 4 to the bed on the other side of the room
    frighten for her life she did what he told her. she climbed on top of the bed facing away from him and he climbed after.
    he rammed his cock into her pussy and statted frucking her like a madman.
    he pulled on the collar choaking her
    as he went deeper and deeper insside
    her body was on fire she shaking with pain and pleasure her organs felt like on fire. all in all she did not know what ot make of it
    she was dripping wet now like a waterfall
    he turned her on her back and started fucking her even faster with her legs in the air on his shoulders
    her sight was blurry and she could only see a big blob
    he wrapped his hands around her neck and squized
    he kept looking straight into her eyes as her pupils started to trembel.
    she was never in danger of being choaked, he applied just enough preasure to make her feel the danger
    her pussy was getting tight and his dick felt bigger an dhotter by the second
    he was really close to her face now and she was sucking on hins fingers. he was still choaking her with one hand, panthing and breathing heavily, he was covered in sweat and was whispering something to her
    she could not hear him or use any of her sense anymore. at that moment she felt like she had left her body and was floating throu the air. he put her legs to the side and rose up abit fucking her hard the bed was soaking wet
    her eyes were foggy and non responsive and
    he rammed hr hard a few more times and then pulled our he moved to her head and screamed for her to open her mouth. she could not hear him so he pushed his cock inside og her mouth and reales his sperm with a handfull of onctraction a thick heavy warm load was released he pushed his dick deep in so when he pulled out she started choaking and spat out his cum
    she had no idea what was happenig as he left,befor leaving he placed a metal bralet with a chain attached to a wal around he ankel as she was his for another 6 nights


  5. One day I was out on patrol when a beutiful young asian woman came up to me asking for help, she was a tourist from China and only knew a little english. I could see that she was still young and with gorgeous DD cup breasts so when she asked me to take her back to her hotel room I said of course. When we were alone in her room together I asked her to take off her clothes, she was scared and didn’t know what do to but started to take off her dress. I smiled and felt myself getting hard. I pointed to the ground in front of me and told her to get down on her knees. “Now suck my cock you asian whore” I got turned on watching her cute face swallowing my cock and looking up at me with frightened eyes. She kept choking on my big black cock and covering it with spit, I made her drool all over my big black cock before I bent her over and handcuffed her wrists behind her back so she couldn’t escape. I started by slowly shoving the fat head of my big cock into her tight shaved pussy, she moaned like a little whore, saying that my cock was too big for her but I kept shoving it deeper into her tight asian pussy, feeling her pussy walls stretch wide open while I spanked her ass. She ended up cumming on my big cock really quickly and she screamed really loud when she orgasmed. I smile when she came on my cock, watching her bounce and shake her body uncontrolably was so sexy.
    When I was done with her pussy then I moved onto her asshole. She was collapsed on the ground, laying there so I grabbed her hips and pulled her ass in the air and begun to slide my cock into her asshole which was even tighter than her pussy. She begged me to stop and not to fuck her in the ass because anal in so shameful in asia but I didn’t care, I wanted to shove my cock inside her nice round ass and fill it with cum. I gripped her hips hard and started to pound her asshole making her scream and moan
    even though she was deeply ashamed of getting fucked in the ass she loved the feeling of my big cock inside of her so she started playing with her pussy while I gave her a hard anal fucking. I ended up cumming in her ass and filling it with my hot stick white cum, I rember even seeing it dripping out of her asshole when I took my cock out. Even though she looked scared and about to cry she kissed me and said that was the best sex she’d ever had, something that she would remeber for the rest of her life.


  6. a fantasy story.
    a man grab you and takes a sexy asian slut to a dark alley, where she know he is going to make her his in there

    holds her by the throats and slaps her firm round sexy ass as she wants to scream, she fears he will silence
    he bends her over a trash can while he reveals she is not wearing any panties, he slaps and squeezes her bare ass, she hears more voices coming
    Her eyes widen as she sees two more guys spot her being taken advantage, hoping they would save her from the one guy but instead they joined in by ripping her black dress open and sucking on her hard nipples
    She feels all of their hands all over her, rubbing and slapping her hard clit at different times, she sees how hard they are adn decided if wanted to survive she had to endure what they do to her

    they continue to assualt her sexy body while she moan and scream, she felt one penetrate her tight ass while the others continue to torture her hard nipples
    The one who has penetrated her tight asian ass, she begged him to be gentle, but her begs fell on deafen ears as he took her with no mercy while the others grabbed her head and made her suck on thier hard thick cock as her tight ass was being stretched like never before
    She moaned on the others cocks as she began to feel pleasure over the pain of her ass being stretched, they pulled their cock out of her mouth and looked at her in her eyes, they noticed she wanted more, her eyes glazed over from the pleasure she started to feel as she begged for their cocks
    The guy taking her tight ass lifted her up exposing her hot wet dripping pussy to the others. She watches one guy come and slides his cock deep inside her hot wet little pussy as her moans and screams became louder
    As she feels the cocks pumping in and out of her at different time while the other one watches waiting for his turn, her tits bouncing from each powerful thrust as the became harder and faster
    They both started to slam harder into her as she knows they are about to flood her gaping ass and fertile pussy with hug loads of cum, she begs them not to cum inside but they continue to hammer her even harder, the alley is filled with screams and wet clapping
    They both slam deep flooding her insides as she screamed ans slowly started to fade in the dark, they left her laying on a used old bed as she awaken, remembering everything that happened


  7. Asian Maid is my fantasy
    I start walking towards the phone in the suite…the maid hurries after me, pulling at my arm, begging me not to do it…
    turn to face her..looking down at her…her big breasts heaving in her tight uniform…what can you do to persuade me not to call?
    i move closer to her our bodies almost touching….so tell me, what are you going to do…she looks flustered and then looks down…seeing my hard cock straining against my pants….thats right, you can do something with that cant you?
    she looks up at me….and you won’t tell my boss? i push her down slowly onto her knees….i wont tell if you treat me right
    her hands fumbling with my belt…undoing it, opening up my pants…pulling them down…my hard cock released as she gasps at the size of it…her eyes suddenly hungry and eager..touch it asian maid …I want you to play with it
    her hand grips me…as I look down at her….thats right Becca…start stroking me..I want you to get me ready for what happens next
    she starts jerk my hard cock, watching it gorw and harden…my hands move down…pulling down the shoulders of her uniform, her big firm breasts coming out…as I look down at her…now suck me sexy maid..I want to feel your mouth around me. she takes my cock in her hand…her tongue flicking out..teasing me as she looks up her desire clear to see. thats it Becca…suck my hard cock..I want to watch you. my hand around her head as she starts to move on me…her tongue swirling around my cock as bobs up and down…sucking hard on me


  8. Hello
    I am a Chinese girl, and I have to admit that the story and the picture you put, turn me on.
    I guess I should be a bit submissive.


  9. After breakfeast, I bend you over the table.Then I drop my pants and you imidietly feel my cock inside your cunt. Before I start to move, I put two fingers dry in your asshole. Then I start fucking you, hard and pull your hair. you learn fast! Take it!” *I moan and pant as I thrust hard.* “Yes Sir! Anything for you sir!” *You moan and pant as well. With force you fell the hole lenghts of my cock. *I pull your hair, and you feel my fingers in your ass. I get rough.*
    “Yes bitch, com on tell me how much you like It” “S….Sir … I love …. it, …..more, more ……please!”
    *You pant and moan, pushing your hips down, making sure that I can enter deeper.* *You feel my rough fucking with my fingers roughing your ass up my cock is twitching in your cunt*
    “Yes slave show me your dedication! Show me how much you love my cock.”
    “Sir please fuck me harder, I love it! I need it!”
    “You deserve a hard fuck, whore. I think we will turn up the heat!”
    *I slap you harder. I start to use my belt.*
    “AUUUUHHHH. Thank you sir!”
    *I stop to hit you as your ass turns red. I ram my cock slowly and hard in and out of you.* *Your legst start to tremble. Your body is getting weak. I hold you in place while I pound you. Suddently you start to scream, your cunt starts to clamp around my cock, and you cum.* *You can not notice that IΒ΄m close to cumming. But suddently your body gets horny again. You feel that another orgasm is comming.*
    “Becca you really love getting fucked, donΒ΄t you?”
    *I pound you without mercy, trying to cum.*


  10. I meant to exchange some real sex storyes. i dont think i am that good story teler. especialy because english is not my native language, but the storyes are juicy. I have a lot of experience in there πŸ™‚ It is about a girl who wanted to try public bdsm
    Ok so she was a tal and slender woman, little breasts and a bigger ass, she was submissive and she wanted me to dominate her. we were in relationship and she was allways telling me how she would love to be dominated in public but have never tryed
    than one day… I said lets do it. It was summer, around 2 in the morning working day, it was hot outside. I live near motor track. It is in the forrest and have two roads around.

    So i knew that the lights will be all over the track but no one is there in that hour.
    I told her to go into car. I went to room picked all the stuff i needed and we went. I parked my car near the tracf fence, it is very well lighted. I told her to strip in the car. She was so excited. Than I gave her leather and metal outfit to wear. the bdsm one that is reveiling everything.
    also put a collar and a leash on her and gave her high healls. we went out. around the track is a fence and around the fense is a gravel road. we started walking, she was struggleing in the high heels. I could see she was a bit frightened.
    I told her everyone at the track is watching and that the lights here are strong, so she will be seen, she started to struggle even more with walking, told her if she fals down that she will be punnished in front of everyone, so we walked for a couple of minutes than we come to big gate, there I told her to kneel and finish me. She did it like never before. After that we went back. Gave her a few lashes on the fence. and that was interesting experience


  11. when you are working in a restaurant as a waitress with your big asian tits and butt who serves white men and others. Me and my friend are coming into that restaurant to have something to eat.
    After 10 mins we invite you in the male toilet to fuck you and have you with our big fat white cocks
    Imagine how my big belly bounces while I’m penetrating your asian pussy while my friend fucks your throat very hard and fast until you can choke all over his dick without any air
    We would grab your hair while fucking you and spank all over your big buttcheeks and slap your huge fat asian tits as your white dominant bulls. After those men who wanted to go in toilet but they couldn’t they were just waiting for us to finish you off until the boss come. We cover all over your nasty slutty face with our superior white sticky hot cum on your face while you are kneeling down. After the boss came he was very angry. After all we were just talking about having sex with you he decided to have another round with you. Me and my friend are just watching you in the toilet with the boss who invited all those men who were waiting for us to finish. So you and the boss first….you are sucking him off while some dirty old pervert white hairy men are grabbing all over your slutty butt
    their old fat cock is slowly getting full of blood which is increasing the spirit of their cocks so their cock are getting hard in their pants


  12. The Naughty School for Asian slut

    There is a naughty school where you are an exchange student with many white boys in a class. All of us are just watching your big fat Asian horny boobs in the special school costume/clothes every day at the school desk. I and my friends were talking on Wednesday how about having that big booty Asian girl…we are 6 at the time outside before the lesson starts.

    After a week we could plan our rape so nicely. First of all, on Monday Steve is talking with you in front of the Men toilet room. We slowly get closer to your back with the other 4 boys and me. Nobody can see us when we grab your legs, butt, back to bring you in the MEN toilet. We feel how overweight you are so we had to have 6 at the time. Steve stands at the door to guard it to avoid you to escape. 5 of us are staring at your fatty, piggy Asian tits. After 2 mins we start ripping off your top and skirt. Some of us are jerking off their rock hard white cocks while half of us are ripping off your clothes and humiliating your Asian being. Josh and Gerald who were jerking off they head back to your behind and start spanking your big chubby Asian butt with their hairy white palms. I, Steve and Kristof are getting out our big white dicks in front of you. Our big, strong, white, pulsating cocks are getting so bigger and dominating in your eyes. You can not do anything just sucking my, Steve’s and Kristof’s cocks while Josh and Gerald are hitting your slutty butt! They get bored after 2 mins of spanking so they force their big fat cocks in your Asian holes to satisfy their desires pretty well.. I, Steve and Kristof are spitting on your pathetic face to humiliate you more…I take out my cock of your mouth and slap your face with it. Steve and Kristof are still talking so shitty to you like “You have no anything above us! You are just an Asian piggy slave to us!” Once Gerald and Josh are fucking your behind in your asshole and pussyhole I start pushing my cock against your big titty while Kristof is fucking your throat and Steve is slapping his big white cock on your pathetic loser Asian face! After 20 mins of fucking, degrading, humiliating, forced, spitting, spanked your Asian booty all of us are cumming on your Asian face to let you know you are the bukkake of 6 white men’s sticky white cums!


  13. There was a brutal friday night where many chinese and asian women were dancing in the nearest and most populationing club. Here come white european men in suit to have some fun. I and my buddies are checking hot asian bitches are dancing. I take a seat next to you in the club because your huge fat asian tits made me so crazy so I had to seat next to you. I ask you “Hello there..what are you doing here?!” – You answered to me. My buddies came to us while we had a nice talk they stood in a circle where you a
    in the middle so they don’t let you go away.
    “We need an Asian whore who can satisfy our white dicks!” – they smile at you while you are sitting on your big butt. They take out their fat cocks and start slapping all over your face. You try to resist but we do not let ourselves to be humiliated by a fat asian whore in the club so they force you to stand up and spank you a lot of times with their hairy strong white hands! You moan a lot while many friends of yours are watching you being humiliated by a
    aggressive white men in suits. I hit your butt the strongest with my palms and I finish spanking at the moment. I put my fat white dick in your asshole to fuck you nicely.


  14. The vacation you turned into a Chinese sex slave

    It was a Christmas break You decided to take time off by yourself A little peace and quiet You saw some hotel online and straight booking you come to the hotel entering the lobby and surprised that the whole lobby sat only men….
    Everyone was looking at you and you felt like you were being undressed If their eyes you signed up and went up to the room came tonight and went down to dinner the whole dining room sat only men and you don’t understand why there are only men here Where are the women You finish eating and in the elevator you see that one floor is closed and that you can only go up if a key
    During the evening a knock at the door you open and stand a man and ask you to come with him You ask why he answers her Don’t ask questions and come
    He rips off his clothes and tells you now you’re going to go into every room and that’s where you’re going to do whatever they ask you to do.
    No I didn’t go with you He grabs you by force Takes you to the elevator You see he takes out a key and takes you to the closed floor on the floor You see of every door hanging a picture of you and you don’t understand why He rips off his clothes and tells you now you’re going to go into every room and that’s where you’re going to do whatever they ask you to do. Gives you a slapp on your asian thick ass and walks off you stand up and don’t know what to do You decide to go into the first room inside the room sits a man if his dick’s outside and say let’s start sucking you refuse He gets up he grabs you on your knees and forcefully puts his dick in your mouth deep while you suck his son gives a slapp on ass while you feel like you’re getting wet from it He keeps fucking you mouth until he comes in your mouth and tells you a good Chinese bitch now Can you go?

    You walk out of the room and you think why I’m so wet, the man from the first room says go to the next room
    You enter the other room you see a wall with the door chains and someone from the back grabs you and ties you with the chains and stat to slap your ass Each time with a different intensity
    As he puts your fingers in your ass you beg him to stop and he goes on hader and harder sudden he stops for a second you feel chills and all of a sudden he puts in his dick and starts to fuck you so hard you say i want more more sir…..
    As he puts your fingers in your ass you beg him to stop and he goes on hader and harder sudden he stops for a second you feel chills and all of a sudden he puts in his dick and starts to fuck you so hard you say i want more more sir…..
    He keeps fucking you until he cums inside you approaching and whispers in your ear good bitch you can go now
    Because he fucked you so hard you left the room on all fours like a bitch the man looks and laughs you enter the next room inside the room sit three men who look at you and say here the bitch came they grabbed you by force and just started fucking you in all the holes so hard you started cumming

    In a row and they kept fucking even harder you already started losing your temper and begging to stop and they keep going until they cum because you were so exhausted you could not move one man came out and shouted the hallway and said come everyone to the room
    5 more men came into the room and grabbed you and just fucked you even harder. You felt that you were still cumming and you were asking for more.They cum on you and leave leaving you in the room you are recovered and out of the room in the hallway stands the man who brought you floor and tells you good bitch hope you come back to visit us again and took her to her room the next morning you dress to leave and say it was an unforgettable vacation


  15. a student in uniforme. she is taking private lessons with her teacher because she have difficulties.
    Their are alone in the classroom, its is almost the night. She is tired and a bit horny because her teacher is so good looking. she secretly think that he will stand up and kiss her…
    without thinking, her left hand goes under the desk and start rubbing her pussy with her panties she sudenly feel someone grabing her hair and making her raise.
    “what are you doing you dirty slut !”
    it’s the teacher. He is furious and can see what she is doing right now. He pull her hair harder
    “i can see you are a horny whore. was it me ?”
    she is sobbing, she shake her head top and down
    “i can’t imagine you are a dirty slut. Now get on your desk. show me what you are doing”

    she get on top of the desk. she is shy but can’t do a thing.
    he then opern her legs
    “don’t be shy ! you bitch wer hiding it but you were thinking of me so keep going !”
    she move her hand wiothout thinking again. and start to rub. she is both horny and shy. she don’t want to be seen masturbating but she is so … hot.
    she rub her pussy, being watch make it so much better. she can’t control it. she think of the disgrace.
    her teacher is seeing her masturbate.
    she is one a small island oof pleasure, her own buble of thinking. everything break when she hear a flash and her teacher saying “show your boobs, whore”
    she open her eyes and see him, a phone in his hand, filming
    she froze, choqued. but he come to her and pull her hair
    “you dont want this to be showned right ? so be a good sex slave and show your fucking boobs !”
    she start feeling hot again… does she like being..; abused ? she show her massive boobs and start shaking them. her hand is now deep in her pussy and she start to moan harder
    “ho yes that’s what i’m talking about” her teacher say. she see him pull off suddenkly a massive dick. the bigger she ever saw…
    “bend over. i wanna tast your dirty slutty mouth”
    she obey, like a automaton. she bend over, still masturbating. he suddenly grab her head and put half of his dicc in her mouth. she can feel it at th bottom of her mouth. she start feeling nauseus.
    “dont you dare. if you throw up, every one will see how a slut you are”

    she gain confort and start sucking how she can this massive dick. the teacher seems pleased and start moaning. he start to push again and agains his dick in her. its like she need to swallow something endless… in her thraot.
    she feel so great, her hands get wet and she feel she is close to cum..
    he suddenly get off and grab her hands
    “you slut, you think you here to take pleasure ? you are here to be my cumdump. get on you knee. quick !”
    she obey, feeling again something great from being… his toy

    he slap her butt, she scream of pain and… pleasure ?
    “shud up bitch. keep your voice down. Other could hear you”
    “y.. yes… i wil”
    he grab her waists and push gently his dick in her…
    she moan and scream. It’s painful. He fulfill her pussy but still… its so good. her hornyness make her so sensitive…
    she feel him inseide her its so big and good…
    he slaps her again. He grab her hair


  16. now I am going to give you want you really want…I am going to fuck your slutty wet pussy until you screams and beg me to cum….pulling her roughly off the desk

    …pushing her onto the floor….grabbing her ankles and pulling her legs up off the floor…standing over her….looking down as I slam my cock deep into her pussy…piledriving into her
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    yes sir…I am your asian slut….I love it…


  17. Fictive story of an asian tourists in America.

    It was supposed to be a quiet trip – one to relieve the stress of constant work and office politics. When you arrived at the security checkpoint, however, you started getting looks.

    Not looks of suspicion, or hatred, but some strange look – one that possibly held more danger. Wherever you went, their eyes followed, and soon you began to feel their stares – on your plump tits and round ass. You could feel them undressing you with their eyes

    It was no surprise when one of them took you aside for a “random” check, and while you tried to protest they pretended not to understand you. You were soon taken to a small room off to the side, and asked to strip down. You knew you didn’t have a choice.

    He was not satisfied seeing you in your black panties and bra, however, and he bent you over the desk, ripping your last shreds of dignity away before giving your ass a firm slap.

    He proceeded to explain to you that his country doesn’t need any more of you foreign sluts hanging around, aching for white dick. He said this as he slapped your ass again and again, spanking you like a naughty child. When he finished, he ran his fingers over your tight, traitorous pussy – already embarrassingly wet.

    You could hear his belt unbuckle, before it was wrapped around your neck like a collar. His pants came off next, and then, without warning

    He entered you

    He stretched you out, slowly fucking you into the shape of his dick. He pulled your hair, pulled on the collar, while he explained that your sex tourism would be limited to getting filled by his cock for the rest of your journey.

    Over the next few days he fucked you in that room – coming in on breaks to fill your cunt with his thick white seed, reminding you that you’re nothing more than his yellow fuckslave. By the end he had you saying it as well. Degrading yourself, begging for more, aching for him to keep you

    Instead you were sent home, where you gave birth to his son nine months later


  18. like a good asian whore was born to do. tell me baby, if you had a thick white cock infront of you rn, what are you donna do to please that white alpha male?
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  19. still trying to tune it out, you try dancing, but i can see tears forming in your eyes. as the night goes on, more people say htings… slut, whore, stupid slut, bimbo. but i do not permit you to leave
    finally, i decide its enough. “everyone, ive heard what you have been saying….” you think im defending you, but then i continue “you are completely right. she is a worthless fuckdoll. and ill prove it”
    i grab you, ripping your shirt open, exposing your tits. i force you onto your back on the table and begin to fuck you hard, as others at the party approach, some guys stroking, some putting their cocks in your hand.. finally one forces their cock in your mouth, you are now sucking deep as i fuck you hard
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  20. ok then
    i am a copper, walking along the street doing patrols, i then see a thicc asian girl coming towards me, i go upto her and start talking to her and find out her name is Becca, i say that she has the description of someone fitting a crime that has recently happened and have to take her in, i pull her into an alley and put her in handcuffs, cuffed behind her back, but now she is vulnerable and as her phat ass is right next to my cock, i start grinding on her ass until i then pull down her trous i told her that her description matches a criminal in the area, she tries to deny it and is desperate to not get arrested, pleading and saying it isn’t her, i then tell her that there is a way to get off these charges if she does something for me i say that is you let me do what i want to you until i’m satisfied then you can walk away from here free very reluctantly she agrees, but doesn’t expect how rough i will be to her

    as i then rip open her shirt to get her big tits out and i play with them biting her nipples and squeezing them hard, i then demand her to get on her knees which she does slowly, i get my cock out and demand her to open her mouth, and as she has it opened, i ram my cock as far down as it will go and then i start to throat fuck her, making her gag, choke and her eyes water, making her make up run down her face and look like a slut

    grabbing her hair and using it to throat fuck her as hard as i can, eventually i remove my cock form her mouth, spit and precum drenching my cock and in her mouth

    i then demand that she stands up, bends over and puts her hands on the wall, again slowly she does that almost crying from being used and abused like a whore, as she gets in position i pull her trousers down to her ankles and rip her panties off, i then get my cock and ruthlessly begin to fuck her pussy harder than she has before, she then begs me to slow down saying she will be torn apart but i don’t stop, i get rougher with her, slapping her phat ass and holding her hips, using them to pull her onto…
    me, i then grab her hair and pull on it, making her feel like a whore now as i make her say that she is a dumb whore that likes to be used like this
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    after i’m done, i wipe my cock off on her clothes and tell her that she is free to go


  21. You want me finger fucking you in your sexy dress at work dont you, knowing that I am putting my financial advise in your hands and you are holding that and in return I can use you when I want whether you are busy with someone or not Is that what you rub your pussy thinking about, me showing up in a suit to your business and using you how you are meant to be used, as an anal cumdump, making sure the load I shoot in your ass doesnt knock you up or doesnt linger, knowing that you will masturbate over and over thinking about my thick american cock till it drives you crazy

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    Is your tight asian pussy dripping at the thought of a strong american man taking what he needs from a curvy thick asian slut?
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  22. i curl my fingers inside you and drag you to the bathroom by your dripping pussy. you are looking around for help and realize no one is even paying attention. i push you into a stall and shove you to your knees, pressingyour face against the bugle in my pants.
    “now you’re going to suck my cock like the stupid cocksleeve you are”
    i pull my cock out as your eyes go wide, slap your face once to make you gasp and shove my cock down your throat while your mouth is open in shock
    i grab you roughly by the hair and fuck your mouth hard as you gag and choke, spit running down your shirt and making it see through as you cry, your makeup running. i reach down and rip your shirt open, exposing your beautiful tits, which i roughly grab and grope

    i feel your body starting to go limp as your eyes roll back
    “oh no, you aren’t passing out on my yet bitch, im not doing using my asian fucktoy”
    i pick you up, turning you around and bending you over, holding you up by your hair as i force my way into your pussy from behind
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    i pound your dripping pussy without mercy, your limp body ragdolling as i fuck you rough and fast for what feels like forever. i finally pull out and you fall to your knees. my hand wraps around your throat as i pull you back up and unleash a massive load on your face and tits.
    “thanks for the fuck, whore” i spit on you and leave

    after a while, you finally crawl to the bathroom door, pulling yourself up. i fucked you so rough its hard to walk. you limp out to the bar, covered in cum and drool and spit, dripping a trail as you go. you realize everyone is watching you as you try to hurry to grab your bag and leave. you feel the bouncer spank your ass hard as you walk out, but just keep going


  23. well im Andrew. im the young whote american thats been talking to you about asian eacorting here in the states. giving you an insight on what your lifestyle would be here if you became an international, white only, asian escort


  24. i may like talking sweet but you know deep down im the asian whore loving white alpha american. hmm and right now id love to grab some rope and tie your hands behind your back before sliding your top off and letting those big asian tits out before i grip your head and fuck your tight whore throat like the chink slit that you are πŸ˜‰


  25. hmm….alright baby no more i promise. hehe still i bet you wnjoyed knowing this fat american cock was hard for you and that hot asian ass just begging to be fucked properly. hmm and such a good answer. i wanna see you gag on this cock when you attempt to take the whole thing down your tight whore throat. with every inch you take id grab a marker and write new words on your body to mark you as the good little bwc whore that you are


  26. i know exactly how youd be used here in america. id pay for your flight to come visit as i pick you up from the airport. smiling as i see my beautiful asian whore wearing such revealing clothes to advertise her beautiful body to all american white men. id have you go in the limo and take you to a special place. on our way id be having my hands all over youX fondling our sexy asian body as we drink tasty wine and other tasty drinks. id have you thank me for bringin

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