Race play story of an asian girl into worship white

Today I will explain today a story of raceplay that I had with my previous partner.

Race play what it is ?

My definition

Race play is a kinky form of Role play between a submissive and a dominant, with mutual respect and sexual desire. via

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BDSM fashion: what gift for your submissive


I am going to introduce you a list of BDSM fashion items and clothing that you can offer to your asian submissive.

BDSM is taboo, however, more and more some fashion people use these items to provocks , or create like and engagement on social Media in China, or everywhere in the world.

What kind of Fashion cloths or items you can offer to your submissive?

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Online Domination & Submission: the Guide

Hot topic of these days, online Domination & Submission.

Because of quarantaine, people stay at home (safe) and humain have to adapt their consumption to a more online model, and sex is not an exception.


Why would you want an online Domination & Submission relationship?

For me there are 4 big reasons

  1. Because of “quarataine” #corona
  2. Because you live in different area
  3. Can be good to have first trial to see if both like, and to know more each other
  4. For beginner, it can be a first safe place

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How to say Slut in Chinese? 

How to say Slut in Chinese? All the words to translate slut in Chinese language.

Good question, actually… most of Chinese People do not really know, and few of them actually use these words…

Here is my Rank and how to say that…


My 3 favorite slut words


狗   mǔ gǒu : femal dog – Bitch litterally
 jiàn huò  :  slut -worthless good-
货 :  sāo huò:  Slut like to show off

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