My First Chinese Slave

In 2005 in north Est of China, in a small city of China, I was a Foreign Student.

I have realized a semester there. 10year agoo, you have few foreigner in China, and Chinese see us as special.

Situation for Foreigners in China

It was really easy to pickup girls, no need to have anything special or be handsome, just be western was good. Western guy have a very good image among Chinese girl and French men are the best reputation. All girls were attracted by western men and when you go to the street or in disco, girls seduce you directly and ask your number and try to flirt with you.
At this time, it was great time to be a westerner in China.

I studied Chinese so after few months I was able to speak Chinese and can get any girls that I want. It was a paradise for any single men.

Pickup artist life


I have a great time and I will only speak today about one girl.

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Bimbo Training for a Chinese Girl

Let me tell you a true story.  A Story a Chinese Girl that Change from Ugly to Bimbo.
I met her by mistake.

She show a sexy Bimbo picture on WeChat and hit on me. She was Hot , super Sexy and direct want to have Sex…

Bimbo China Pic

And when I meet her in real life, she was weird, fat and no real style.

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The Secret Fantasy of this Chinese Girl : White Men

Most Chinese girls have the White Men Fantasy.

The more you go to small cities in China, the less white men you have, and the More Chinese girls dream to have sex with Westerner…

This is probably my craziest Experience … 

When I arrive in China, many Chinese girls would love to have a sexual experience with White Men. Most of feedback of these girls, is that White men are better in bed compare to most of Chinese men.

The Story of a Chinese Girl that Crave for White men

I met a girl, that was crazy about White men.

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An Amazing Chinese Slut

I spend several months in a City close to Guangzhou, get good time , and go party quite a lot.

You imagine in a small city in China, only 2 foreigners , golden age for European men in China.

One night I met a girl , happy, smiling, curvy and outgoing.

She was always smiling and very social. She was not slim like most of Chinese girls, she was curvy , sexy and always laughing.


She was very “Asian” style. Naughty and Cute

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Our SlutMate


Long time agoo, I was student and just arrive in China.

We were liuxuesheng in a city in North East of China.

I was with a friend, French Mate and a German.  3 Flatmats …

And the German came back to his country… and decide to find somebody else.

We put some post online and message in our university

A Japanese Girl from our University apply to his room.

We get a nice conversation


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