Story : Training of a Chinese Girl to Anal Sex

Anal sex is taboo in China, you might hear of that if you live in China.  Does Chinese girls like anal Sex, usually no. Does Chinese women practices anal sex? no. maybe 3%.

Today I will tell you a Story that I had, and how I trained a Chinese Girl to anal, how to pass “taboo”, and step after step train her asshole, and let her enjoy anal sex.

Anal Sex Chinese

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How Chinese Girls Can Find Western Men?

You are a Chinese Girls, and want to date a Western Man… This article is for you.

Lot of Chinese Girls ask me this questions, and I will tell your options to find Western Men and how to seduce them.

I will speak about Alpha Western Men, 10% most attractive one.


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40 Secrets to Become Sexy (for Chinese Girls to Western Men)

Lot of Chinese girls (not only on this website) ask me advices about how to become more Sexy. more attractive to western men.
Beauty is different in China and in the West…

I will give you 40 tips to become more Sexy, and to become Super Attractive to any western Men.

  • you can be not attractive and become attractive
  • You can be attractive and become Super attractive


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My Adventures with Miss RolePlay (in China)

I will tell you this “cute” Story, it happens in China. I met a girl, Chinese Girl in Shanghai, 33years old, worked in a quite famous big advertising and I get good time with her , I will explain you why and how.

You have to know that basicaly advertising in China is a high pressure industry and people have to manage a lot of pressure from clients.

She has quite good position and get lot of pressure.

I met this girl in a home party in Shanghai, was a desguised home party. I was wearing a policeman desguisment , and like every Chinese People there were shy to wear something special. (By the way, my story is here)

She was little bit drunk, and was talkive and light me on. She was kind of saying that you love policemen and that I was her fantasy. I play the policeman and told her that I can put handcuf on her if she does not collaborate and if she is not kind, can use violence on herm seems to turn her on.

After a while, she was in my flat, still playing the bad girl, teasing the policeman, and I was warning her to not push the limits. She was waiting for my move…

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My First Chinese Slave

In 2005 in north Est of China, in a small city of China, I was a Foreign Student.

I have realized a semester there. 10year agoo, you have few foreigner in China, and Chinese see us as special.

Situation for Foreigners in China

It was really easy to pickup girls, no need to have anything special or be handsome, just be western was good. Western guy have a very good image among Chinese girl and French men are the best reputation. All girls were attracted by western men and when you go to the street or in disco, girls seduce you directly and ask your number and try to flirt with you.
At this time, it was great time to be a westerner in China.

I studied Chinese so after few months I was able to speak Chinese and can get any girls that I want. It was a paradise for any single men.

Pickup artist life


I have a great time and I will only speak today about one girl.

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