The story of a Chinese exhibitionist girl

Let me tell you today the story of a Chinese girl that was exhibitionist.

Firt understand what is the definition.

Exhibitionism is the act of exposing in a public or semi-public context those parts of one’s body that are not normally exposed – for example, the breasts, genitals or butt.

My definition;

exhibitionism is the act of exposing your body and sexual part to a public that make the person exhited.

The practice may arise from a desire or compulsion to expose themselves in such a manner to groups of friends or acquaintances, or to strangers for their amusement or sexual satisfaction or to shock the bystander.

It means when you exhib your body you getting exhited.

in China, exhibitionism publicly is punish stricly by the law and police is very strict on that.

The story

So a meet a girl that apparently was normal. I meet her in disco, and as normal happy ending, she went to my place to sleep for the first time for her with a foreigner.

It was a normal sex, we were a bit drunk, and one details chock my attention.

She asks me where was the toilet, I was living with 2 flatmates, and she went there in the night naked, and when she was back, she was super horny and wet, and I realize that she was an exhibitionist, and getting horny when she exhib herself, or scared to being seen.

I see her again, few times, and try to ask some questions, but it was a really complicated subject in Chinese, because I do not know the professional words, I was not an expert, and she did not fully realize that she like exhib herself.

So i start step by step with different Challenges.

The flashy mini skirt challenge

First step was Buy sexy dress.

As a typical poor student in China, she does not have many cloths, and I decide to buy for her sexy cloth. A mini skirt Yellow and a thong.

I order her to wear that in public in the day when we are doing shopping.
She was exposed and she feel extremly shy at the beginning, and was confused. After trying that, she felt scared to wear that in public, and after a while, she was walking with me and feel ok.

We walk in different shopping mall, and I ask her to walk more in slutty way, by moving her ass.
Everytimes we meet a foreigner, she has to show herself a bit, and she make nice pause to attract western male attention.

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Race play story of an asian girl into worship white

Today I will explain today a story of raceplay that I had with my previous partner.

Race play what it is ?

My definition

Race play is a kinky form of Role play between a submissive and a dominant, with mutual respect and sexual desire. via

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Online Domination & Submission: the Guide

Hot topic of these days, online Domination & Submission.

Because of quarantaine, people stay at home (safe) and humain have to adapt their consumption to a more online model, and sex is not an exception.


Why would you want an online Domination & Submission relationship?

For me there are 4 big reasons

  1. Because of “quarataine” #corona
  2. Because you live in different area
  3. Can be good to have first trial to see if both like, and to know more each other
  4. For beginner, it can be a first safe place

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How to say Slut in Chinese? 

How to say Slut in Chinese? All the words to translate slut in Chinese language.

Good question, actually… most of Chinese People do not really know, and few of them actually use these words…

Here is my Rank and how to say that…


My 3 favorite slut words


狗   mǔ gǒu : femal dog – Bitch litterally
 jiàn huò  :  slut -worthless good-
货 :  sāo huò:  Slut like to show off

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