The Sexy Chinese Girl and the Proposition

The story of this indecent proposition to a Chinese sexy girl proposed by a fan of the blog.

A Chinese lady in the US called Wendy had been very busy lately and hadn’t had a chance to relieve her stress by seeing her boyfriend and getting fuck by his fat white cock. She was starting to get very horny at work which was affecting her performance a little and she knew she needed to get fucked or it would really slip.

She managed to get away from early one day and try to get in contact with her boyfriend but he wasn’t responding. She was walking down the street her work outfit slightly unbuttoned at the top as it was hot revealing some of her lovely cleavage. She then notices a limo pull up and an tall Asian men in a well tailored suit get out just up the road and turns towards her. As the Chinese girl gets closers the man waves her over. “Hi there sorry to accost you like this but I have a proposition.” Wendy pauses for a moment

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Sexy trip in Bali, Indonesia

A sexy asian girl was invited by her Sir (me) to a week holiday in Bali, Indonesia. 

She takes the plane and go out of her country for the first time. 

She arrived at the airport, she was tired, did not sleep much and think all the trip if it is a good or a bad idea. 

When she pass the border, pretty long, she walk outside, and she was looking around and see a man wearing a Sign “Miss Vicky” 

She smile when she see the man she was dreaming to meet.  She comes a bit shit , with a small “hey”. The man give her a hug and takes her luggage. 

They talk a bit  in taxi, arrive to the hotel… and drink a cocktail, talking about trip, holiday , Indonesia. 

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Visiting a museum with a Sexy Asian girl

Posted by a member. you can send me your story.

I was heading to the museum, by a lovely day. I was walking toward the big, impressive building, when I saw that girl, walking toward me. She was gorgeous, even more so that her almost totally unbuttoned shirt was barely holding together, her gorgeous breasts apparent, as the only button holding her top closed was around her neck. I had to resist the urge to gaze freely at her exposed body, seeing her jewelled bellybutton shine in the sun… Ohh.. naughty thoughts flew in my mind, as I imagined going down on her, kissing my way down between her breasts, down her little jewel… to discover what was hidden under her cute little jean skirt… I could imagine her sweet pussy already and had to smack myself out of my thoughts when she spoke to me.

  • What ?
  • I ask, realising I haven’t heard what she asked. “Oh, yeah, the museum !” I said after she repeated, “it’s right there, behind you !”
  • As she looks back to see that the huge building is, indeed, the museum, I can’t help but take a look at her ass, barely covered by her skirt.
  • “May be I can accompany you, if you like !”
  • I suggest to her, and, as she smiles, I place my hand on her lower back.

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Bachelor Party with a Sexy Asian Girls

Story from the community

Its getting close to my wedding, and have travelled to Hong Kong with some close friends for my bachelor party…we wanted to go somewhere exciting and different…really party one last time before I settle down with my wife to be. 

Arriving at the hotel after a long flight…myself and my 4 friends check into our hotel going up to our rooms…exhausted from the flight, ready to get some sleep and looking forward to the morning and the fun to come. 

Waking up in the morning, showering and getting dressed in a new suit, I meet my friends downstairs for breakfast…I have no idea what the guys have planned for me but looking forward to it. Soon we are in a taxi, then onto a boat, enjoying a tour of the harbor, having a few drinks, until we get to a secluded beach…the boats crew are made up of young attractive asian girls…serving us food and drinks…flirting with us all…like they are paid to do

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The paradise with a Filipina girl

I am going to tell you the story of my first “date” with a Filipina. Before coming to Asia, like most men i do not really understand the difference between Filipinos and other Asian people.  They are really different, because their Island has being influenced a lot by Spanish, american.

I have met this girl late in the night in a club of Shanghai, she just arrives with her groups of Friends all Filipinos. They are very open mind people, and super positive. We have a great time with all of them and I spoke and chat a bit with this girl. She was thick, sexy like hell, tanned a real great smile. We flirt a bit this night and i keep her number.

We have seen each other later, like one month for a dinner. I understood that she was in the entertaining industry like 50% of Filipinos in China. They sing, they play music in band, this country produce a lot of artists.

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Dating my Chinese teacher (hot Story)

There is no glory in China to date your Chinese teachers, lot of girls are teaching Chinese to foreigner to have the chance to date a laowai(foreigner).


I have met this girl when I was young in China… (I speak like an old man, but I am not that old).
This girl offer me to teach me Chinese for a super cheap price like 20rmb per hour.

So I accept, and meet her several times. She was not a profesional Chinese but nice, and patient. (I was not a good student either).

After several class, she comes to the coffee with a large cleverage and tigh short pant.

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Our asian sexy room mate (crazy story)


Long time agoo, I was student and just arrive in China.

We were liuxuesheng (foreign student) in a city in North East of China.

I was with a friend, French Mate and a German.  3 Flatmats …

And the German came back to his country… and decide to find somebody else.

We put some post online and message in our university

A Japanese Girl from our University apply to his room.

We get a nice conversation


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A divorced Milf in China (real sex Story)

Today I am going to share with you a sex experience I had with a divorced Chinese lady. She was divorced, depressed and lonely. As you guys shouls know , divorce in China is “unusal” and taboo.

I am a libertine person, I do not beleive in a single “love”. For me, “love” is temporary produced by oxytocin (love hormone), to help humanity to reproduce. 2 people in love with each other are drugged.

Separation, divorse are normal in human life, when the effect of this hormone passed.

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Rape fantasy in Asia: kinky story

How girls are seeing rape fantasy in Asia, specially in China?

Today I will speak about a very taboo topic, taboo in the west but I will explain not so taboo in Asia, China.
In Asia, many girls like to have force sex, and fantasy about their men using force to have sex. It is present in many porn (Japanese porn specially). You see a man taking advantage of a girl that refuse at the beginning and after being stimulated enjoy the sex with her partner.

Many girls like being raped with their boyfriends, and the concept of violent rape does not come too much to their mind.

In China rape = Qiangpo (mean force sex) …  And many Chinese girls want to be raped by their boyfriend or the man they like. (qiangjiang is the literal translation for the criminal act)

A bit asian culture

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Kinky holiday with my Chinese girlfriend (Story)


I am going to explain today my holiday with my previous Chinese girlfriend. Basicly, I date a girl, was a normal relationship.

(I was young at that time)

She was not very kinky, we had good sex, but nothing crazy, she was always scared of everything. Scared being seen, scare of what other might think, scare to show herslef, scare to try new stuff, scare of illegalstuff…

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