Story : Training of a Chinese Girl to Anal Sex

Anal sex is taboo in China, you might hear of that if you live in China.  Does Chinese girls like anal Sex, usually no. Does Chinese women practices anal sex? no. maybe 3%.

Today I will tell you a Story that I had, and how I trained a Chinese Girl to anal, how to pass “taboo”, and step after step train her asshole, and let her enjoy anal sex.

Anal Sex Chinese

I met this girl quite long time ago, she was Modern, and Smart, speaked well english, worked in an international firm… She used to date many foreigner, and enjoy them.

She also used to have a western master for several months, that initiate her to basics of SM.

first meeting

I met her in a Party the first time, was a friend of a friend, and she was really sexy, and kind of show her interest for me.
I did not think too much at the beginning, take her wechat and 2days later, date her

Date in Restaurant

In the restaurant, we speak like normal date and after a while I start to speak about Sex and discover that she was open, and like dominant men.


I ask several question and understand that she has already tried several stuff and enjoy rough sex, domination and… is quite kinky.
After a while, we went to my place and have sex.


The first time

The first time was great, she really know how to move, how to suck and take pleasure when I am dominating her and when the sex is rough. lot of pleasure, and when i push a finger on her asshole, she block and refuse that… quite normal.

The second time

The second time, I have prepared little bit more and dominate her more, spank her ass, play with her mouth, fuck throat her, slap her face, and she like the game, and become excited easily.

It was really good, but everytime I try to touch the asshole, she reject and show strong NO

The third Time

I speak with her and try to understand her situation, and as every Chinese girls, think that anal is not good for health, get diseases, will broke the asshole, is dirty, is not normal sex, and is very painful.

Anal for every Chinese girls is taboo. 

1st Taboo: health , she needs to understand and realize that it is not unhealthy and read some articles that explain the process. She needs to realize in Which condition it is bad, and in Which condition they can get the HIV.

2st Taboo: Pain. She has tried once, and fell pain, so stop. You need to let her understand that, you have to do it step by step, and use oil, lubrifiant and step by step do it, without much pain.

It is better to first use Sextoy, and after several time, when she is ready use your penis.

Most of girls in China, think that Foreign Dick is too big for their ass.

3rd Taboo: Secret Pleasure: Most of Chinese Girls do not know that they can get pleasure with anal, and can increase their orgasm intensity with anal sex combined with Vaginal Sex.

So you have to explained, and tease them.

The third Time, I did not push to have anal sex, just to sensitive her and educate her.

I just put a small plug butt, with lot of oil, to let her no feel pain, and see how she feels.

Sex was good, she was really gifted and enjoy dirty pleasures.

asian slave

She sucks well, and fuck well.


Most of Chinese girls are limited with their sexual Desire, but not her. She likes to have sex many times in a night, and Cum when I am Rough.

  • When I pull her hair,
  • When I call her slut
  • When I ravage her pussy
  • When I press her ass hard

5st Time

I fuck her when she has her plugbutt, and when she Cum, I take the toy out of her ass, and she Cum harder and discover her first anal pleasure.

It was a declick , and after that, she became more open to Anal.

6st Time

She was ready to try, and explore, so imagine a game for explore her asshole… I put different sex toy in her asshole with lot of oil, and play with her asshole for hours.


She was bounded, and gagged and I stimulate her body, her pussy and her asshole.

She was horny, her body was burning and I was making her crazy, she wants sex so much and beg me for that. I put a bigger assplug in her butt, and fuck her.


And she enjoys this time, she cum really fast, and I was keeping fucking her, she cum a second time, she was moaning and losing control… at this moment, I put a sextoy in her pussy, take out the analplug, and start the anal penetration.


She was relax, and her asshole was well prepared, oily, and at this moment, I carefully fuck her ass. And she enjoy it, I did it sofly for several minutes and then accelerate and she was fine with that. I ask her to touch her pussy, she was excecuting my order, and I pull her hair and ask her to Cum.

After 2minutes of intense stimulation she Cum, and she shake for 15seconds non stop…



She was totally out of control… and after feel down on the bed, briefing hard and trying to recover.

After several hours, I spoke to her, and she explained to me that she really enjoy that and want to try again… She enjoy this feeling


Next time , the taboo effect was pass, and anal sex was normal with me, and get used to the plugput. She was wearing her plugbutt quite often, and change her mind about anal.
I ask her to often train her asshole, and she was very serious about that.

We had sex several times a week, and everytime with anal Sex.


From slut to Anal Slut

She was more and more excited about anal Sex, and often, wear anal plug before arrive in my home.

anal Sex China

She liked to show me her ass with plug, and enjoy when I start by taking her ass.
She enjoy the feeling to be dirty, and be taken on her ass.


She feel excited when I call her “anal Slut”, when I told her “I want to fuck your ass” , she just likes be degraded and used by all holes.

Chinese Anal Sex

Her first Public Humiliation

She knew some of my friends, all foreigner, and one day, Ask her to come with me, and force her to wear one anal plug. We were in a Bar in Shanghai with 2friends and when we speak, I told my friends in front of her that she enjoy anal, and they look at her, she feel so embarassed and became red.

I keep speaking and explain them that she enjoy that. She was looking on the ground, feel ashamed. They laught at me.

Chinese Anal

After a while I told them, that at this moment she wear an anal plug, and they smile at her.
She was embarassed, so embarassed. did not say a word.
When we were back home, she was angry, and explained how shameless I am and how embarassed she was…

I look at her, calm, open her pants, take her pant down with her painty, and touch her burning and super wet pussy.

I say to her “it seems that you enjoy to be treated like an anal slut?”

She looks at me, “chocked” , briefing hardly, without a word.

I told her that I will go to the next step with her. I take her pant out, rip her painties.

Take her anal plug out, and put the plug into her mouth.

She looks “chocked”, and accept it.

First time, she take a dirty plug in her mouth.
I put her on the sofa, and fuck her ass hard. I control her hand in her back and keep fucking her ass, and tell her dirty anal words.

  • “I am destroying your ass” she was replying ” yess”
  • “you are a dirty anal slut” she was replying ” yesss”
  • “I only like fucking your ass” she was replying ” Oh yess”
  • “You like dirty anal, tell me” she was replying ” yess; I love that”

Chinese girl anal

After a while, I stimulate her clito, and order her to cum, and she Cum.

She Cums with anal orgasm, very rare.

I take her buttplug out of her mouth, and fuck her throat.

It was the first time, for her, that she suck my dick after I fuck her asshole.

And she did not say anything… and after a while, I finish in her mouth.

It was a great Sex… enjoy that a lot. And same for her.


After a while.

We explore more… She was doing Gym to have a booty ass, and train everyday 15min +2*2h to the gym to grow her butt bigger.

Chinese girl anal sex

Everytime, I insert bigger toy into her asshole, or new stuff. She was always excited to feel that a new thing can be put into her ass. A coke bottle, a cumcumber, a sweep, anal balls, or even finger and once a hand…

She get excited to feel that I only want to fuck her ass…  and enjoy her nickname anal slut.
She loves to feel humiliate and anal was always the best way.


I treat her as my anal slutmate, just meet her for her ass. In one way, she was complaining that she wants more, and in another way, enjoy to be feel degrading and being used.

Chinese Slut

Anal Slut exposed

Once I have invited a friend of me, and her later, when she arrives, she see my friends and was hesitating to enter. I know I kind of play on her limit, she does not want 2men.

I speak with her, and tell her that I will just humiliate her tonight, and no threesome, and explain that it will be a new experience.
She accepts, (she trusted in me 100%) …

Trust is the base of every kinky relationship.

My friend is a white man, and is also kinky. He was there when I humiliated her in the bar.

Basicly he know what kind of relationship we have together.

She enter to the flat. And ask her to serve us drink. She excecutes and go to take glasse for me and my guest.

i ask her to seat, and start to ask her questions in front of him.

“Do you wear your analplug now? ” she hesitates and reply “yes Sir”

“Do you wear anal plug often, slut?” She replys “Yes, sir”.

“Do you enjoy anal ?” She replys “Yes, Sir”

“Can you explain our relationship to my friend?”, She hesitates, and reply “I am just your anal slut, sir” , she was shy already and look on the floor.

Chinese sexy slut

“What do it means, anal Slut, can you explain to my friend?”, She hesitates, and replies “mean, you only like to fuck my ass, Sir”

“And you accept that?”, She reply “Yes Sir”,

“and you love that?”, She replies “yes sir”

“Would you like to Show your asshole to my friend?” She hesitates, and … take her pants, and panties to her ankle, and turn , to show her sexy ass, with the Diamond of her analplug.

She was in the table of the living room, Ass up, face down, showing us her ass, and was very humiliating for her, I know it.

I play with her toy, and tell to my friend, you see, she is wet, she enjoy that.

She was moaning…

I put a bigger anal toy in her ass, and play with her pussy in the same time.

After a while, I ask to my friend to come back home.
He thanks me and her, and leave.

She was really embarrassed and feel so excited. I fuck her a lot that night , and she did not sleep a lot, was really excited by this experience.

The next day

I ask her by message how she felt and she was really excited. I asked her if she wants to try a treesome, and after 5min of Message silent, she reply yes.

Chinese anal with white men

I organize a meeting with my friend, and her and she tried the treesome, enjoy that experience, but did not want to do more.

After several months of extrem pratices

After several months, we stop to see each other. She wants to have to a real boyfriend, and she thanks me for all what I teach her.

She found a boyfriend, very jealous, and she deletes my wechat. (it happens sometimes)

She is sending me some emails sometimes and telling me that she has a stable life, and will never forget her crazy experience with me.

I have met her 2years later, and get interesting information from her. Her boyfriend became her husband, and he does not dare to fuck her ass. She did not tell him her past experience… She admit that she use analplug to masturbate herself, to cum easily… and many times remimber her crazy night.

Any comments? feel be free to say something. 


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  1. I was a barmaid, with a mundane job, and was massively unsuccessful in my love life. I was lonely, frustrated and miserable. I fell for men who didn’t feel the same way about me.“But then I decided that enough was enough, I discovered the art of seduction, and everything changed.

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  2. Great story. Like your style whitemasterinchina. Im an asian girl in Hong Kong- Shenzhen, looking for a clean hot submissive girl to play with.

    Im bisexual and I like a slave girl to play with me and my Dominant partner.


  3. Few girls know that you have to train your ass to enjoy assfuck… that s a pity but true specially in China.
    They try, it is dry, tigh and it hurts no pleasure then… OMG I do not like anal


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