40 Secrets to Become Sexy (for Chinese Girls to Western Men)

Lot of Chinese girls (not only on this website) ask me advices about how to become more Sexy. more attractive to western men.
Beauty is different in China and in the West…

I will give you 40 tips to become more Sexy, and to become Super Attractive to any western Men.

  • you can be not attractive and become attractive
  • You can be attractive and become Super attractive


1 Eyes

Eyes are the basic of every human connexion

We look each other, Here are basicly basic tips to improve


Sexy Eyes

2 Your face

foreigner will prefer a longer face

3 Colour of your skin

Usually wester men are not fan of White skin, they like tan or colour full


4 lips

Lips are usually very attractive for men, and western men prefer

sexy lips


5 Hairstyle

Usually, western men like fashionable lady and like modern hairstyle

More long femine

sexy hairstyle

6 teeths

Clean and white teeth

You can use today some cleaning of your teeth for small money try once if you have problem

7 Smile

Smile is not lipsm smile is just the hapyness that men like in a Smile, a laugh


8 Face Expression – Be Special – Dare to be Naughty

Your face expression is what make you uniquem and give you charm.

You can work on it, delete the weird one or at least limit them

and accentuate the good one

How to find it out? look at you in the miroir for example

sexy expression

sexy pause

9 Sexy attitude

When you speak, when you smile you can have sex appeal or not

Sexy is an attitude not a matter of beauty

Girls who know how and when to be sexy have usually a great EQ and power on men

For some female it is natural, but for most

sexy attitude Chinese


10 Ass

The main problem of asian girl is flat ass

But good news you can work on ass because ass is muscle and fat

Sexy Ass

I recommend 15min of excercice every day

What is really sexy for some men, booty ass


For western men, a big ass is a fecondity criteria and make special stimulus inside of men brain, big ass make men hard

If you want to have bigger assm after 6month of ass training you have to go to gym and do more specific excercice

ass training


You have also some specific accessories that make your ass bigger


11 Boobs

big boobs make men excited, you already know that right… but what you do not know is men like curves boobs and round one

Sexy Chinese

Men eyes are not attracted by big pendant breast

Breast is a fecondify stimulus too and show , highlight breast is necessary to be attractive to western men

You can have excercice to work on your breat form , but have to do it soft to avoid loss of fat on it

sexy Boobs Chinese

12 Legs

Usually asian girls have nice fine legs perfect

how to highlight them? with skirt yes and with boots



13 waist

That where usually girls learn more…. you can work on your waist to be smaller to make your breast and butt become bigger and make your body more curvy

It is the secret of stars


the secret is this waist trainer

you can wear it occasinally or for some occasion. it was famous during the 17th century in Europe and even KK kim khardashian explain that

It works really well for extra weight ladiesm and make their waste become small

Extra waist tranier can be good sometimes, do not recommend it for all life



14 back

Men prefer a girl with straight position

15 sexy position

Sexy is an attitude and perfect control of your body, can make you have some sexy pause , curvy ass or good silouette


16 feminime walk

What is really sexy is when girls know how to walk it is a skill not natural

move your wasit from left to right m and ability to walk with high heel shoes with elegance

17 tall (or be taller)

for small ladies, wear high heel shoes is a good way to be more attractive

alsi give a better balance of the eyes

18 dance

The ability to dance and move your body in rythm is really attractive for western men


We use to go party and really like girl that know how to dance, because girls know how to dance know how to move in Bed



Fashion Sexy Tips

19 Fashion

Men like fashionable girls, not special just fashion wearning nice cloth . Be too special is not good and you have to respect feminity Code

sexy fashion China

20. Collar

i Am a fan of colar  … just mesurpriz

21 colour match

What western men reproach to some Chinese girls is the lack of match of colour

  • Green purple together

In the bedroom, colour match is Sexy…

  1. All Black
  2. Red
  3. Full Pink


22 Fishnet

always sexy , slutty and really hot


23 tight – Lingerie

really elegant and sexy … Really Good


24 Costums: Dare to take initiative to wear costums

special Costum make men feel special and different change of routine

Role play Chinese

More idea of Role play here

25 String T

For western men it is sexy to have these stuff. I know you are Chinese and prefer large panties but western men like that



26 gloves –  high boots

It can really attractive for men yes



27 Be Naked at home

Take the gabbit to be naked can be really sexy for your man. all men expect to see his girl naked walked at home.


28 Submissive or Dominant

If you know that your men like dominate . be ready to be submissive is attractive for men . everything can be said  or shown. I am your tonight , or show him your sexual part with submissive eyes


Some men are submissive and like be domitated, 30% of cases. you have to take the initiative to dominate him


29 words and dirty talk

in public or in private you can use dirty talk, western men usually like that

Sometimes can be a game or in the bed, it is a big stimulus to say what make the other excited. Do not be afraid to let your man call you his slut in the bedroom and show him you can enjoy that, you can also call him pervert, master or ask him to fuck you hard tonight usually turn off men

Moans and sighs (Oh year! Ahhhhhhh!) are easy. It’s the dirty dialogue that really puts a huge plus in sex sessions.

Plus, westernmen actually like being told what to do in bed sometimes because it helps them get it right. or like to hear what you expect from them.

“Tonigth, I will be your dirty Slut”

“I am your Free whore, use me as much as you want”


30 masturbate : Dare to masturbate in front of him

can be really sexy to see a girl masturbate herself in front of you, make usually men really horny  to be incitate to fuck


touch and massage your tits can also make same effect

31 Assplug

Assplug is really a sexy stuff  , i know you are Chinese and anal is not your stuff because of your specific body blablabla and Chinese ass is different blablabla

but anal is a sexual pleasure for people and have lot of erotic area


Wear a plug make usually men really horny, and it also strech your tight asshole, so after basicly you do not feel pain and can enjoy anal pleasures

32 Pussy Balls

wear pussy balls is sexy as well

outside so your men know you are horny

at home, he can imagine/feel  you are wet

33 lick is sexy

lick your finger outside

lick your man finger

or of course like his dick thigh m body



34  Suck is also sexy


suck is not lick  m 2 different skills

suck a finger is a different feeling and lick it

suck a dick is a skill and make all men feel sexy

35- Video

Dare to watch yourself having Sex, make video and watch it together… that s Really Sexy

36-Sexy Photos Pause

Send your man sexy pic of you, for him, that really sexy … Dare to do that to make him feel that you miss him…


37- Sexy Pause

Sexy pause incitate your man to have sex with you. Show your pussy, your ass .. is really a super sexy stuff for normal male.


38- Tell your Fantasy

Explain your desire is sexy … a girl that is not afraid to tell what she want to do (or try)


39- Be Happy

Be happy is sexy… Trully enjoy your life is usually Sexy for men.


40- When you attract Men Eyes, you are Sexy

When other men look at you, you are even more sexy… Do not afraid to attract people eyes… and assume, enjoy it and you will be even more sexy.


Sexy is an attitude



40 Tips for How to Be Sexy for a Chinese Girl

All western men secretly crave boundary-pushing action in bed, so whip out these moves to surprise him like crazy.


9 thoughts on “40 Secrets to Become Sexy (for Chinese Girls to Western Men)

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  1. I am already kind of Busty asian bimbo, petite and stacked, very adventurous, love to try new things and always looking for fun. Mostly UK based but travel all around so feel free to say hi , I love your story


  2. Very good article, you really know girls.
    I’m a very caring, humble, passionate, person who loves to laugh and have fun. I really enjoy life and try to live it to try new things, and it will be a pleasure to know you Kris


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